5 Weird Signs Someone is Thinking of You 😲| Psychic Signs|Divine Masculine | Podcast#1 (2023)


5 Weird Signs Someone is Thinking of You 😲| Psychic Signs|Divine Masculine | Podcast#1
On this Stunning Talks channel, I will be sharing with you all divine masculines - divine feminine current energy channeling and twin flame concept along with guidance ✍️.
This message is shared by Divine Masculine To Divine Feminine. Video cover emotional to experience this dm to df message. I hope you enjoy this message.
Stunning Talks Channel every day narrates dm to df message twin flame. Find out what the divine masculine has to say to the divine feminine, Basically - DM to DF Message for today. 👩‍❤️‍💋‍👨💌
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I would like to say thank you for watching this video. I am so grateful to the universe that I have the opportunity to connect with you all through this video. Lots of love and wishes to all my subscribers and viewers for being with me and watching my videos. Keep loving & take care of yourself and your family.💖
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Hello, everyone, my name, is spark- and this is stunning talks podcast, where we talk about life, love, spirituality, motivation and, of course, the law of attraction.

Someone is thinking of you, so in this video I am going to be sharing five, weird things that will happen to you.

When someone is thinking about you a lot now, these signs will actually apply.

They will work even if this person is at a distance.

I get asked this question a lot, but it doesn't matter where this person is in the world or how far away they are from you.

You will still be able to experience these signs, and I should also say that these signs will work, even if you are not in contact with this person.

So if you have got no contact if you've blocked them or they've blocked you, even if you are not following each other on any social media outlet, the universe doesn't recognize that energy doesn't recognize that it knows no emotional, mental or physical distance.

These signs will still show up in your everyday life when this person is thinking about you.

So what are some strange signs? You will experience when someone is thinking, often of you even at a distance.

One of these signs is that you will get the unexplainable urge to either text them communicate with them or if you have blocked them, to unblock them.

This is an incredibly confusing sign.

Obviously, when you receive it because oftentimes you could be feeling absolutely no romantic or even platonic feelings toward this person, you could consciously have no desire to reach out to them, but they are constantly thinking of you.

They are radiating in energy to you all the time that is having this pulling effect on your energy and as a result, you may literally find yourself picking up your phone and going to their contact before you stop yourself and think.

Why am I about to text that person? I haven't been thinking of that person.

I don't want to talk to that person, and you can know that if you haven't been thinking about this person, but you suddenly reach for your phone go to their contact or think about talking to them for no reason at all.

This could be happening because they are thinking about you.

The second weird sign that someone is thinking of you is that you will start to hear their name everywhere or if you don't hear it, you will see it so suddenly their name will be in every tick.

Tock video you're, watching every facebook post you'll get friend requests from someone with the same first name.

Sometimes you will hear their name when you're out in public just randomly.

If you have mutual friends with this person, this person, this mutual friend will start either saying their name randomly or bringing them up or talking about them to you, even if they have never talked to you about this person before even family members like.

If this is your ex, you may have a family member.

Ask you, oh! So, how has blink been asking about this person that maybe you haven't dated in years? This is the power of the universe, the power of energy thought energy when we direct it towards another person is very magnetic.

It manifests all kinds of signs of that person into our reality.

So what is a third weird thing that will happen when someone is thinking about you, so many people experience this and no one is really talking about it, but you will sometimes smell this person's scent, so either their perfume their cologne.

If they are a smoker, you may smell cigarette smoke, even if they are at a bonfire, you may actually smell the bonfire smoke.

This is just one crazy thing that happens when someone is thinking about you, so often that guys, essentially what's happening, is through their thought, energy directed at you.

They are energetically bonding themselves with you so that you are actually now sharing certain experiences with them.

Sign number four: if this person is thinking about you all the time, even if you aren't in contact with them, you will run into them everywhere.

This can be really awkward if you aren't connecting on social media or maybe you've blocked them or they've blocked you, but when your energy is connecting in this way, when this person is thinking of you, so much that it's creating this energetic bond between the two of you, this person will start showing up in your life everywhere.

You will see them at the grocery store.

Your paths will just cross at the most random times and I'll just throw in a bonus sign here, but you will start obsessively thinking about them, so this sign could really have its own entire video explanation.

It's incredibly confusing because when someone is thinking of us, especially in a very obsessive way when they are thinking about us perpetually constantly all day long over time, the effect of this thought energy on us will actually cause us to start thinking of them to see their name and face popping up in our mind all day long until we start believing am I obsessed with this person now, if you're, in a situation where you're thinking to yourself, am I obsessed with this person, but you have no romantic feelings towards them.

You aren't consciously thinking about them and you have no idea why they're popping into your head there's a good chance that this is actually your brain interpreting.

This thought energy coming from them as if it was your own.

The interesting thing about this is.

We can actually also reverse engineering this equation, so this is actually the entire premise for something.

I talk about a lot on my channel, which is remote, seduction the art of creating consciously an energetic bond through our thoughts through our energy with another person that causes them to begin thinking about us and, ultimately to be magnetically pulled into our life.

So I just wanted to share that with you guys.

Thank you so much for listening to this podcast.

If I resonated with you, please consider subscribing to this channel leave me a comment below and let me know if you've experienced any of the signs in this video or, if you've experienced some other strange sign that you intuitively feel is a sign that this person was thinking about I'll talk to you again in the next podcast till then take care of you and your family and people of your society too.

Thank you have a good day.

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