Baby Alive Official 🎀 Bad Hair Day! Doll's Hair & Beauty Salon Routine ✂️ Kids Videos 💕 (2023)


Oh no! Tilly is having a bad hair day, but not to worry, it's nothing Charlie's doll hair routine and a trip to the beauty salon can't fix!

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Baby Alive Official 🎀 Bad Hair Day! Doll's Hair & Beauty Salon Routine ✂️ Kids Videos 💕

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Join Charlie on her adventures as she takes care of the crying babies!
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Watch the super-fun new Baby Alive show and come along on the day-to-day adventures of Charlie and her 3 silly and adorable babies: Lulu, Tilly & Teo! Charlie loves taking care of these cuties -- but from diaper changes to daily routines, it can be loud, messy and totally exhausting! Oh no, is Teo ready to cry again? Or does Lulu have a boo-boo? In this funny cartoon for kids, you never know what will happen next! When Charlie needs some help along the way, she calls on the most dazzling besties a girl could ask for: the Glo Pixies! Siena Sparkle, Sammie Shimmer & Gigi Glimmer are always ready to help her out with a pinch of Glo Pixies magic. Join in on all the excitement and even celebrate holidays, like Halloween and Thanksgiving, with the whole Baby Alive gang!


Children will have a blast with our cartoons! We have safe videos for kids and loads of adventures for every child to go on! So press play, let the never-ending fun begin. Many new surprises are on the way! Discover the power of friendship, empathy and teamwork with Baby Alive. Full episodes with new animated adventures for girls and boys to enjoy! Watch Charlie pacify the crying babies as she overcomes challenging situations together with the help of the Glo Pixies and their magical powers.

They're cute, they're fun and love to create mess and havoc, often dropping cake on the ground or crying about stinking diapers. In this world of magic, tears and laughter the beautiful Baby Alive toys come alive.



Oh hmm, whoa tilly.

Let me help, I hope, you're hungry wow.

That's an interesting look! Tilly! That's not what I said at all I said sounds like charlie needs.

Our help.

Let's go, I don't know what's wrong with tilly her diapers empty she's, not hungry.

She isn't sick and she keeps doing weird things to her head.

Hmm, hey tilly! Is it okay? If I take a look at your hair, I see one of your beautiful curls has come loose and I'll bet it's been bothering you all day.

Oh that's, okay, tilly! Your hair just needs a little extra love.

Oh, I know what to do.

Take a breath.

Tilly, it's okay! One of your girls is gonna stray, but it's nothing.

We can't fix with a little wash day when your hair makes you sad, treat it the right way with love and patience and care and don't forget to play yay time to come.

Almost there.

You know all hair is great hair.

It just needs a little care thanks for all your help, glow pixies, we're so glad we could help.

Well, I guess I'd better tidy this stuff away before lulu.

We kicked the ball outside not inside the house.

Remember hilly! Our hands are dirty, come on.

Let's go and watch picking.

Your nose is icky.

Look at this mess.

You, okay, be right back with your veggie burgers babies.

Am I right babies? No, I said veggie burgers, burgers, wow, it's gigantic disgusting.

That's it babies! We've got to do something about these bad habits.

I love it.

It sounds like charlie needs our help, but we can't go like this.

I'm on it come on.

Let's fly oh um.

Thank goodness you're here, glow pixies.

These babies are kicking balls inside the house, not washing their dirty hands and picking their noses.

I've tried everything to get them to stop.

Don't worry, charlie.

We know exactly how to help the babies.

Kick these bad habits.

Yay yay well done babies.

You have worked so hard on your bad habits today and that deserves a spa day.

You tried so hard today, tilly.

I am very proud of you.

No more boogie picking for you and you're gonna.

Kick a ball outside from now on, right, lulu, yep, no, more bad habits in this playroom, almost no bad habits! Here you go sweet tayo, oh you've been so helpful today, princess ellie, yeah.

Those extra inches really come in handy, be careful! Are you okay? What are you trying to do? Honey? I get it.

You want to be taller too huh, just like princess ellie, but you're perfect.

Just the way you are princess ellie's.

Only this tall because she's a magical princess, okay, okay, don't cry tilly, maybe there's something I can do just until charlie gets back.

Oh, oh uh! Is it just me or is tilly still growing? Oh, this could be a big problem.

Nobody panic I'll! Just reverse the spell with another magic, kiss, okay, tilly time to get back to normal.

Let's just put those cookies down.

Oh, let me give you a big kissy kiss.

It's no use! We need backup, charlie interesting.

She was never supposed to get this tall.

I can't get close enough to reverse it.

Well, we have to get her down somehow wow.

It's a shame! You don't want to shrink down chilly we're all having a little tea party.

We've got cake and I bought a brand new storybook for us to read.

I just wish you could join us tilly.

I think you're gonna love it.

We need your help.

Oh I'm! So sorry, babies.

Well, that was quite the entrance.

Hang on glow pixies did I hear you say that you needed our help.

Well, hello.

Who is this little cutie? This is princess ellie and she is why we need your help.

Princess ellie also lives in shimmerwood forest and last night there was a huge storm.

There are branches down everywhere, it's a mess.

We were hoping that ellie could stay here with you and the babies.

Oh we clean up.

Oh of course, what do you think? Babies that sounds fun huh, come on princess ally, there's princess ellie's things, just her pack and her special cup and plate thanks charlie, be back as soon as we can come on ellie.

Let's, hmm, that's nice! Babies! Look at those beautiful pictures is: oh, no ellie.

Did you bunk your head? Oh, come here for a cuddle, a little glow.

Pixie told me that someone loves strawberries.

Oh one for chili.

Here you go lulu, don't worry tayo! I didn't forget you, oh tilly, don't worry I'll, find it aha got it here.

You go tilly, okay, okay! You take this one and I will give ellie another one too.

So nice of you to want to share tilly suppose I deserve that tilly we do not throw food.

Ellie sure has had lots of fun today, it's time to go home, ellie, don't cry princess ellie! You can always come back and play another time now.

Let's go say: bye bye to the babies did ellie just grow.

Who wanted to play glam spa? What's wrong silly! You want to play something else.

We can do that.

I can make a rocket ship in no time there.

What do you think? Okay, okay, um? What about you tayo? What would you like to play a story? That's a great idea! Taiyo! Oh, it's! Okay! Don't cry! Look! I'm sure the playroom is big enough for three games.

This'll be easy! Peasy and rock paper scissors shoot rock paper.

Scissors shoot silly, be careful rock paper scissors shoot now.

Lulu, let's play nice, which means cookies for dessert cookies.


I thought you wanted cupcakes.

Oh I don't mind.

I just love playing rock paper.

Scissors shoot looks like the cookies will have to wait.

I don't want to play different games.

It's a disaster.

We're going to need some serious magic for this.

Come on cool, pixies, okay, babies.

I think I see a way we can all play together, but first we're gonna need some costumes.

Oh now, for some finishing touches, oh great idea, tilly and even though they were very different, they always had the most fun together.

But one day a terrible space dog tried to steal their magical mission accomplished and they all live happily ever after glow pixies.


Where can I watch the Baby Alive show? ›

Watch Baby Alive on Kidoodle.TV.

Can you wash Baby Alive hair? ›

Can I wash the doll's hair? A. Do not wash doll's hair; if any doll food gets into hair, wipe away with a soft, damp cloth.

Is HBO The Baby over? ›

HBO's "The Baby" wrapped things up with a shocking final episode on Sunday, June 12. The show follows Natasha (Michelle de Swarte), a single women in her 30s who finds herself stuck with a murderous baby.

Can Baby Alive dolls go in the bath? ›

Baby Alive and all related properties are trademarks of Hasbro. Includes doll, towel, and pacifier. Kids can splash their doll around in water and pretend she's in a bath or a pool - and play and cuddle with her out of the water too!

Can Baby Alive dolls get wet? ›

If spilled, wash with soap and water. Clean doll's face and body by wiping gently with a soft, damp cloth. Do not submerge doll in water; it is not intended for bath-time play.

What is the best thing to wash dolls hair with? ›

Washing Doll Hair

Add ¼ teaspoon of baby shampoo. Cover the doll's body with a plastic bag to keep it dry. Turn the doll upside down, swirl it around until her hair is completely wet. Gently work the shampoo into her hair.

What happens if you don't wash baby hair? ›

On the other hand, if you don't wash your baby's hair enough, skin and oils may build up on the scalp, which might result in cradle cap. Just don't be surprised if your baby develops cradle cap despite your best efforts.

Can Barbies go in water? ›

...but the answer to if dolls can go in the real pool or get actually wet is actually no! While other dolls, such as Barbie, are even manufactured to go into the pool, American Girl dolls have important design features that would be ruined by getting wet.

Should you wash baby's hair everyday? ›

Baby's hair doesn't need to be washed every day, or probably even every other day, unless they took up marathon running a bit early. In fact, washing their hair too often could lead to dry skin and discomfort, which won't help them enjoy bath time any better. Baby's sensitive skin won't do well in very hot water.

How do you style messy baby hair? ›

Use hairspray

“Hairspray is a quick and easy way to style the baby hairs. Spray on a toothbrush and then gently brush on to tiny hair. You could also spray it on to the hair for more hold, and then brush it in place,” suggests Nayak.

Is there a baby alive show? ›

The series consists of 20 episodes and centers on a seven-year-old girl named Charlie who cares for Baby Alive dolls.

Where can I watch oh baby TV show? ›

Watch oh baby! Online | Stream on Fubo (Free Trial)

Is the baby on HBO Max? ›

Watch The Baby (HBO) | TV Shows | HBO Max.

Where can I watch BabyFirst TV? › BabyFirst - Prime Video: Movies & TV.

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