CBB's Ryan Thomas Calls for End to the Roxanne Pallett Backlash | This Morning (2023)


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Celebrity Big Brother 2018 winner Ryan Thomas and his girlfriend Lucy Mecklenburgh talk about 'punch-gate' and the toll it took on both of them.
Broadcast on 18/09/2018

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So that particular moment in question, which has been shown so many times so much hassle.

What do you remember of it? I remember the first time I felt isolated when people were starting to sort of not give me the time of day sort of not involve me and it felt weird, but then I also thought it was something to do with me.

I felt like I.

Was that made me having a bad day? I was tired and I sort of blamed myself for that.

So then I woke up the next morning and I went to the diary room.

It says you know I'm feeling better.

Today, you know I'm gonna start again.

You have no idea how far she'd gone with it.

Even when she stayed in a separate room.

I thought it was an argument between her and ban I had no idea of nothing to do with me.

So what's the first thing that you realized how serious it was was when you got the warning? Well, no, the first time the warning meant nothing to me.

I thought it was just something that they had to say to me as a TV show, because you know it was a sure sign of affection, but that was just something I thought they had to do for technicality reasons, I never really looked into that.

It was only when Ben came up to me and after you know, a training session that I also felt was weird because he was talking to them saying you want water - you know - Gabby and - Nick, and they never mentioned my name and I was like this is odd, like he always involves me why they doing this and then he came in when I came in to get the water.

He said.

I need a word with the announcer Wow.

So this is why I've been isolated.

This is why I feel this way- and you know good on been for coming to me and having it out with me, but then, as I went into the bedroom band said it got worse because he said that I was the what the reason she wants to stay in another room and then I really got emotional, because Kirsty and Sally said to me this is serious.

Now he needs to go in the dye room and I never went to the diary room unless was called to dye room way.

A lot of people may have Roxanne was one than people that you know spent a lot of time.

The dye room and I then went into dye room and obviously you know I did break down I wanted out, because I knew that then it became serious and I knew that you know the game became reality.

For me, yeah I, just felt like you know, I was in the court.

The police we're gonna call me, you know it was serious and and that's why I broke down because I was so so frightened because these situations become.

You had no idea as sending your no idea what was going on the outside well, the biggest indication of that I suppose was was.

When you heard get Roxy out being chanted by the crowd like you say it was you're not supposed to hear what happens on the outside, but that sort of clarification for me was massive and that's you'll see me sort of crying again, because it was a relief of the public.

You know giving me something that I needed right then and and as much thing is that you know we we all watched it.

There's 48 cameras on you.

You know we saw.

We saw what had happened, I mean for all of us, it's like that.

Moment when you wake up from a dream, you think what the hell what's going on here.

That was like us watching it.

Your fans watching it.

But I questioned myself.

I even questioned.

Did I hurt this woman because it was so nothing to me and maybe a court with my ring.

Gor you know, and a ROM I was even questioning, you know what happened and you know because everyone was making such a thing out of it.

But again you know this was a place where there was cameras everywhere and Emmas point was.

If there weren't cameras there, this could have been really serious.

Could it, but in one person's word against the other implicitly for you watching this from the outside hears that the you know who the boy that he laughs and he's in there going through.

All of this, it was horrible I got in my car a few times to try to exile, need to drag him out, I would have done and it was it was tough I mean it was the hardest point.

I think for me was knowing the support he had that he didn't know so that was it was so frustrating and watched him cried I, don't think I'm.

The only one I think we were all crying watching you cry and it was.

It was horrible.

It was really hard.

Do you think that they should have withdrawn that warning? Yeah I think they should to revoke the warning.

I, don't think you should have had one in the first place, but for me it was showing the footage.

I was I, really just hope they did and and if they weren't, if there wasn't those chance when were they gonna tell Ryan? That was that was the hardest thing cuz I felt like you know it is it's a reality.

Tv show they have to let things naturally unravel, of course, but I felt like it was a little bit too long.

But at any point, were you taken into the diary room or privately spoken to to say: listen, don't worry about this.

You know it's okay, Big Brother have to.

They have to make the show as organic as possible and I feel.

Even if your career, you think, is over well.

If my career was over, they would have took me out of there.

I feel as if I was doing wrong.

I wouldn't be in the show in the first place, and you know, common sense came into it and I had to trust Big, Brother and I feel as if they wanted the public to make the right decision, and they did by what they knew was right.

How I mean just settled a little bit on this I mean you know that a little bit of time has passed as we said that first kept there.

You were very gracious when you were talking about Roxanne when you came out a lot of people, very surprised that you had that in you actually to fail to forgive um.

How do you still feel about her now? The most important thing for me coming out is family and friends being around loved ones.

You know big brother was a lonely place for me at times, and you know I don't want to look back at that.

Whole experience is a negative.

You know, I know how much that show can have a massive impact on a person like Roxanne, and you know I, don't really want to be a part of it.

I don't really want to.

You know fuel it you're sitting here, we've all got serious faces.

You won the damn.

You know I've been asked to do these interviews and I love.

You guys so much, and you know you always made me feel welcome on your show.

You made my mom feel welcome.

I was more worried about my mom being intelligent.

Actually, the whole Big Brother experience, so we love Tom's, very good, he's good yeah.

She was amazing, you made that happen.

So thank you.

Well, it's so lovely to see you both of you and thank you.



Who did Ryan Thomas have a child with? ›

Ryan Thomas shares first heartwarming snap with new baby daughter with fiancée Lucy Mecklenburgh.

What happened to Roxanne from Big Brother? ›

Ostracised from the UK acting industry, the star took time away to reflect and rebuild her life - and now she's happily married and pregnant with her first child. The road was definitely not an easy one for the star, but now she's in a 'bubble of excitement' over the next big phase in her life.

Who was punchgate on Celebrity Big Brother? ›

Roxanne told Big Brother that Ryan had intentionally hit her, when camera footage showed that it was in fact a play fight. She later apologised twice on TV - on The Jeremy Vine Show and in an interview with Emma Willis - and she quit all her upcoming commitments, including her part of Cinderella in a pantomime.

Who is Ryan Thomas married to? ›

Ryan Thomas
TelevisionCoronation Street (2000–2016) Neighbours (2018) Celebrity Big Brother (2018)
Partner(s)Tina O'Brien (2003–2009) Lucy Mecklenburgh (2017–present; engaged)
RelativesAdam Thomas (brother) Scott Thomas (brother)
4 more rows

Do Tina o brien and Ryan Thomas have a child together? ›

Among the cast for the new series is Scarlett, who is the child of the former Coronation Street stars Tina, and Ryan. Alongside her stint on Corrie, Tina also had herself previously appeared in Waterloo Road.

Who is the mother of Ryan Thomas first daughter? ›

Scarlett Thomas is the teenage daughter of actors Ryan Thomas and Tina O'Brien. It was recently announced that the 13-year-old is following in the footsteps of her parents with a role of her own on Waterloo Road.

Who was the fake celebrity in Big Brother? ›

Houghton had originally applied to be in Big Brother 6 and was a stand-by for that series but was never called up, however producers decided to use her for the upcoming celebrity version as a "fake celebrity". Houghton entered the house on day one and became the first non-celebrity to enter Celebrity Big Brother.

Who is the Mississippi girl on Big Brother? ›

Jasmine Davis - Big Brother Cast Member. Hometown: Terry, Miss.

Who is the black lady on Big Brother? ›

After 24 seasons, Taylor Hale, a 27-year-old personal stylist and former Miss Michigan USA, became the first Black woman to win the long-running CBS series.

What does Ryan Thomas do for a living? ›

Ryan Thomas(III)

Ryan Thomas was born on 10 June 1984 in Manchester, Lancashire, England, UK. He is an actor, known for Coronation Street (1960), Coronation Street: A Knight's Tale (2010) and.

What nationality is Ryan Thomas? ›

What is Ryan Thomas doing now? ›

Former Coronation Street star Ryan Thomas has announced he will return to our TV screens. The 38-year-old, best known for his portrayal of Jason Grimshaw on the cobbles, is engaged to former TOWIE star Lucy Mecklenburgh. She gave birth to their second child, Lilah Rae, in May. The pair have son Roman, two, together.

Who is the mother of Ryan Thomas child? ›

No one was prouder than her parents, Ryan Thomas and Tina O'Brien, who started a relationship after working on Coronation Street together.

Who is the father of Tina O Brien daughter Scarlett? ›

Coronation Street star Tina, 39, shares her 14-year-old daughter Scarlett with her ex Ryan Thomas.

Who has custody of Scarlett Thomas? ›

Thomas shares custody of Scarlett with his ex Tina O'Brien, who he met when they starred together as on-screen sweethearts Jason Grimshaw and Sarah Platt in Corrie. They split in 2009. He began dating Mecklenburgh, 28, in 2017 and they announced their engagement last June.

Who is Tina O Brien's daughter in Waterloo? ›

O'Brien is the godmother of Emily Walton, who played the original Bethany Platt, her on-screen daughter. O'Brien was in a relationship with Ryan Thomas from 2003 to 2009. They have one daughter, Scarlett, who is now playing Izzie Charles in the 2023 reboot of Waterloo Road.

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