Goodbye “That Vegan Teacher” (2023)


Isaac Butterfield is a Comedian from the great land of Australia.
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Ladies and gentlemen, my name is isaac butterfield, and this is the very last video that I will ever make about that vegan teacher.

She is, without a doubt, the most hated notorious annoying, painful and ridiculous.

Vegan of all time, this wrinkly old devil of a granny has millions upon millions of views on the internet and therefore I and many others have made hundreds of videos about her, and it does annoy me that people say.

Oh all, you do isaac is make videos about vegans.

It does annoy me because I make a lot of other videos.

I post [ __ ] four times a week, but what would you have me do when there's so many insane things happening in that vegan world? Would you would you want me to ignore it? Oh no! No, but this will be the last time I talk about this lady because she is [, __ ], but first, how about a song? Did I disappoint you or let you down? Should I just eat my veggies and let my b-12 go down cause.

I saw that you protect gordon ramsay, attacked mcdonald's.

I detect kfc.

So I'll.

Ask you this: you tiny skinny grandma who the [ __ ], gave you access to the entire net.

They should be punished.

Perhaps, but I'll tell you this vegan teacher it's all over, but you won't stop now you'll carry on.

You have been the one you have been the greyhound guild for me, but here we go.

Ladies and gentlemen.

For one last time, may I give you miss katie middle name, karen, that vegan teacher just an fyi.

This video that she's making about me is actually 45 minutes long and it's a response to a video that I made.

That was nine minutes.

Long out, love like that vegan cheese, that tastes like absolute balls and it just keeps stretching just keeps stretching and it'll never snap.

You know why it doesn't snap because it doesn't have the tears of the cows mixed in with it, and that's why I enjoy regular cheese.

You absolute son of a [, __ ], let's listen to a response, video that he made because he invited me to be on his podcast and I said sure I would love to be on your podcast.

And here are the rules like you can't be mean you can't be vegan phobic can't be eating dead animals in front of me and trying to make me cry on purpose.

Oh karen, it's almost like if you weren't wearing a novelty tie saying, are you brave enough to be vegan that I'd actually maybe give a [ __ ]? Now? Yes, I did invite her on my podcast.

It was a polite, invite I wanted to have a genuine conversation with this lady, who has roused a lot of internet infamy.

Perhaps you would say, but she wasn't really keen.

In fact, she came back to me with a contract with a list of clauses that was just [ __ ] ridiculous.

I did a whole video on it.

You can go and watch it right here, but here's the cliff notes.

Basically, if she was to come on, I have to agree not to eat an animal in front of her, and you may be thinking why the [ __ ].

Would I do that on a podcast? Well, I did it to vegan gains.

It was hilarious.

She was strangely sexual as well in clause.

1B she said, and I quote mind you: we will also adhere to the new canadian rule of no pants or underwear during special meetings between canadians and australians during covert.

Now these were all pretty tongue-in-cheek clauses, but then there was this one.

You don't act like your normal usual [, __ ], piece of [ __, ], [, __ ], when you're normally near vegans.

We can simply eat vegan foods together and talk about the ways we can be kind animals and save them from rape, torture, kidnapping and murder.

Jesus christ someone's struggling to keep their [ __ ] emotions contained.

She drives a hard bargain and she does make me out to be the devil, but also karen.

Can I ask you this? What the [ __ ] is happening here? Why are so many black people, racist towards animals, [ __ ] me karen you're, going down a real, weird path: mate, I'd like to give you some advice, turn around and run the other way you [ __, ], [, __, ], but I'll invite the uh the people of colour.

In the comment section to explain why they're racist towards animals go on, go down there and explain yourselves, everybody knows who she is and I'm sorry to say everybody genuinely hates her really.

Ah, are you sure about that? Are you sure that people hate me or they just hate the message? No, I'm positive that they hate you, I'm more positive than a prostitute running around in sub-saharan africa, more positive than your granny in her care home during covert more positive than freddie, mercury and easy ease, love child point being I'm [, __ ] positive that they hate you most people are too weak and not brave enough to be vegan like yourself, and so what you'll do is you'll often attack the messenger instead of just listening to the message.

Looking in the mirror and changing looking in the mirror and changing, I don't feel very different, so yeah it's it's unfortunate that so many of you, men are so creepy and weird, but this is what we have to deal with.

So what? What? What? What? How is this men's fault? You were talking about gordon ramsay two seconds ago and now you're talking about why all men are big, [, __ ] creeps.

How did we get here? Also whom is being creepy to you? No offense katie, karen the vegan teacher, but you looked like something they [ __ ] dragged out of an egyptian tomb.

You look like someone who was born before the invention of electricity.

You look like someone who knew noah from the bible.

I have had psychos on there before crazy people.

Vegan booty was there she's, not a psycho she's, an animal rights activist and so is vegan games, but I really really hate people and I'm a sadist yeah.

They seem like completely sane individuals like what does age have to do with anything.

That sounds a bit ageist to me.

So I'm going to give you an x for that.

Go ahead.

Give me an x on my report card.

That's what she's doing here, she's putting an x on my report card, because I'm a naughty little boy, but just know this, I'm not ageist.

The only category I watch on pornhub is granny porn.

Do with that information, what you will alright, but I'm a guilt lover from way back.

When can I see damn saggy granny titties? No, I didn't say that is such a weird thing to say my boobs have been the same since I was about 18 years old.

I would show him to you.

I wouldn't care, but you know we're not allowed.

Could an only fans be incoming I'd, happily review that karen? Can you please let us know in your response video to this video? Please no wait.

Can you please? Let us know if you are making only fans in the response video to this response, video, which is a response video to my response, video? This is why this is the last one, but let's just say that they were super saggy.

What does that have to do with anything? What do other people who are in your life? Other women, think about the way that you, you know, treat women as if they're objects, in the same way that you treat animals as if they're objects yeah.

I wonder what the women of my life really do.

Think about me he's a prick.

You [ __, ], vegan gilf, that's rough! It's the truth! Jesus! We don't belong to you! Yes, yes, you do.

All women belong to me and animals.

That's the type of guy that I am isn't that right little dixon shut up, [, __ ] for brains.

They ask you how you are you just have to say that you're fine, you didn't tell me what we were going to talk about, though you just want to invite me on the podcast and be mean to me.

What were you going to talk about my saggy boobs? Is that what the subject was? I know that you are racist towards animals that you look at certain animals and you judge them to be unworthy.

You point at them and say you, your body belongs to me.

No, that's actually true.

I have been known to scream at cows in their paddocks that their bodies belong to me sure it creeps the farmers out, but I like to get the truth out there that that song right there should be played for terrorists and guantanamo.

Oh, oh, that was a laugh.

I did it that was, I made her laugh, I'm off the hook.

All of us meetings are off the hook.

I am the king, I am a god.

I made that vegan teacher laugh routinely, pays for the rape, torture, confinement, kidnapping and murder all right.

This is a sentence.

Yes, that is exactly what he does.

He deliberately walks into a store and gives money to somebody who has murdered an innocent.


I don't know if stacy who works at my local woolies, who drives a toyota prius can really say that she goes out and stabs the cows that they put in the plastic containers that go in the shelves at woolworths.

I don't know if that's how it works.

You think that you can go around and hurt innocent animals and insult grandmother's boobs and be a sexist towards women, and you don't think that there's going to be any rebuttal from this terrible behavior hang on.

Why does she have this [ __ ] news bar down the bottom of the screen throughout this entire thing.

Like is this for the death? How about I have my own fuddy news: feed ready, go yeah, that's some quality information right there.

He should have to undergo what the piglets do be castrated.

Yes, that's what I said: that's what he should have to undergo.

He should be castrated without any kind of painkillers after all, every time that he buys bacon.

Gee thanks thanks for having the news bar tell everyone that I shouldn't actually be castrated.

That's a really lovely thing of you to do.

Please thank you, but if you still want to cut me genitals off, then I've got a message for you from my manager.

Get your hand off my penis.

Now imagine that you're holding a baby pig in your hands, a baby pig feels as much as a human does.

If you touch them, if you rub their little bellies, they fall asleep.

Actually, I've got a recording of pigs snoring on my phone.

You want me to play it ready it's music to my ears and kept in holocaust lake prison camps for six months.

Yes, that's what I said should happen to him, because that is what he does to these animals uh.

No! No! I don't! I assume you're talking about what happens in factory farming and I've gone on record many many times saying the factory farming is terrible, but I assume that you've seen all of these type of videos and stuff in your vegan propaganda films.

But let me ask you this karen, I'm sure, and I'm absolutely positive, this you're watching this video.

You have nothing better to do um.

Would you have the same thoughts about me? If, let's say I was just a hunter and every single kill that I made I ate, and I only took one kill a month or whatever it happened to be, would you still be mad at me? Would you still say that I needed to be castrated? Would you still say that I needed to be gassed, or would you say that what I'm doing is actually quite good for the environment? If I take the life of, let's say a deer rather than it dying of starvation in a year's time before being put in a gas chamber as a jewish person, I am shocked by what you just what difference? Does it make whether you're, jewish or not, hopefully, the jews are all not eating animals right? Oh god, don't do it don't do it vegan teacher? This will be the end of your illustrious career, the chickens that he eats are completely innocent and the thing is that the holocaust never ended for the animals and if you were alive back in those days, you would have been doing what the nazis did.

You would have been sentencing people to these gas chambers because you are a racist, [, __ ] me dead, karen, obviously not enough [ __ ] iron.

In that brain it is deforming as we speak, I'm here to defend the jews from people like you who think that gas chambers still existing now is perfectly fine.

I'm going to encourage you to hire an editor, or at least someone to write your scripts or at least proofread them.

The [ __ ] that you that comes out of your [ __ ] mouth is insane you're.

Not joking.

Are you you're being dead serious? I am dead.

Serious people like you who abuse animals on purpose should have to pay a price for that and you joke about it.

There's nothing funny about raping a mother cow.

I agree.

It's utterly disgusting.

Many jewish people are vegan because of exactly what happened during world war ii because they see the similarities they are in shock.

It wasn't just the jews who were persecuted and put to death.

It was gypsies, it was gay people and disabled people, and yet you vegans eat vegetables.


How did this become an argument about the [ __ ] holocaust? I don't want to argue about that right.

I don't you take money out of your pocket and you give it to somebody with a knife in their hand, and you say to them- kill that animal when there are so many other things to eat in the store.

Chickpeas, chickpeas yeah, that's finally going to convince me to put delicious steak down chickpeas, [, __, ] off millions of vegan recipes, but no you seem to think that you are the almighty god who can point at any animals and say your body belongs to me.

Well, [, __ ], you! I have never been harder, just a quick one, just a side note for those of you playing at home bit of director's commentary.

This video is 45 minutes long, but only halfway through.

She has listed everything in this video that I did wrong, but she left one thing out and she ended it out for a weird reason.

She brought up this thing in her contract about a vegan mukbang.

Now I made a joke and said a vegan mukbang is another word for a vegan [ __ ] party, where everyone jerks off and jesus.

If you don't know what a [ __ ] party is google it anyway, you cut that bit out and I can only assume that the thought of being covered and [ __ ] by vegans got you a bit excited number two.

You must have at least 25 vegan foods in front of you uh to show off how great they are bananas blueberries strawberries.

I, like all these foods.

Oh you, like vegan foods, check, mark good job isaac.

You, like some vegan foods, that's good veggies! Put on your shopping cart.

Are these ad breaks or what is happening? Maybe I should do my own ad break hi.

Are you over 55? Do you struggle with dryness the most inconvenient? Well, let me introduce you to the buttsman's moist bucket hat.

All you have to do is grab the bucket flip.

It upside down and moisture will start to arrive.

That way.

You can scoop it up.

Rub it between your old flaps and you're, ready to go call now on 1-800, [, __ ] me on dry or text us at 0-4, [, __ ] me I'm dry.

I, like my ads better nutritional yeast.

What the [ __ ] has this got to do with anything is it nutritional yeast is something that looks like cheese.

It's like flakes.

You've got yeast coming out of your fanny love, that's nutrition! What does my bum have to do with anything? Oh oopsie, I see there's a little bit of lost in translation.

There you see in australia a fanny means your vag, so just know that I was referring to your yeasty.

Vag run run run from humans they're, trying to stab you they're, trying to murder you to call you bacon and burn you in a frying pan.

I've run out of reactions.

To be honest, I I just I'm just gonna, say good grief, daring today.

Aren't we that's the kind of person you are because you are racist towards humans and animals? So what do you consider to be considered to be valuable? Only people who fit your physical description, people who are not grandmothers who don't have saggy tits? As you say, I respect everyone on this planet, regardless of your skin color, your gender, your sexual preference whatever, except for guilts, I don't respect the guilts, they know their charm and they play with my heart.

Why saggy titties? Why okay isaac? I can't take it anymore.

I need a dance break.

Everybody up, there's no excuse for animal abuse, not religion, not an eating disorder, not peer pressure.

Not your monetary status! Don't eat animals don't buy their bodies, don't steal their milk, their blood or their honey.

Don't wear their fur.

It's been quite a journey with vegan karen, but I tell you what it's about time that we ended the debates, the fighting the arguments and this relationship unless she does something stupid once again, all right, then I'll have to talk about it.

So maybe this video is just completely full of [.

__ ] see you soon, karen be a good [, __, ] peace, the middle east middle extinguisher.

Ladies and gentlemen, the buttsman is back, I'm back on the road doing live, stand-up comedy shows it's been too long in 2019, my last tour before well everything shut down.

I sold out my world tour.

I went all over the globe, it was amazing, and now I am back for my new- show, called the new normal, so come and get your tickets.

The link is down below or head to forward, slash tickets.

That's where you can grab your tickets, get them now.

They're selling out.


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Diekmeyer speaks English and French. A vegan since June 27, 2016, she condemns what she considers to be vegaphobia. Her open letter, "Dog persuaded them to give up meat", censuring cruelty to animals, was published in the Montreal Gazette in 2004. She has three children with her first husband.

How did that vegan teacher lose her job? ›

The teacher, who is also an animal rights advocate, said that it was inhumane to separate the calves from their mothers. In return, when it came time to renew his contract, the school board said they could not because the farm that owns the calves complained about his post.

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Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, known online as That Vegan Teacher, has been banned on TikTok. Her account page, which had 1.7 million followers before it was taken down, now only shows a "couldn't find this account" message that says she was banned for "multiple community guideline violations."

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