Her Triplet Alphas (Free Read Online) - Dreame (2024)

Her Triplet Alphas (Free Read Online) - Dreame (1)

Chapter 1: Bullied by the Triplets

Chasity’s POV

Tomorrow was my birthday, but no one cared or even remembered because it was also the birthday of the Thorn Triplets.

The Thorn Triplets were the pride and joy of the Winter Moon Pack. They were the sons of Alpha Romeo Thorn. They were filthy rich, devilishly handsome and disgustingly arrogant. All the young she-wolves adored them wholeheartedly, but I was not included.

At the tender age of nine, my parents left the pack to go rogue then I was taken into the pack house under the care of Alpha Romeo and his wife, Ronnie. As if I had not been devastated enough, I now had three twelve-year old tormenters. The identical triplet sons of the Alpha were, in order of birth, Alex, Felix and Calix.

They despised me and ensured that I knew I was beneath them. My parents had incurred a huge debt. Thus, I had to earn my keep and repay my debt by doing as many chores as possible while the triplets enjoyed an idyllic childhood in the very same house.

Tomorrow, on November eleventh, the triplets would turn twenty-one and take over the pack while I would turn eighteen and experience my first shift. Eighteen was also the minimum age when werewolves found their fated mate but I did not care about that. All I wanted was to come of age so I could leave this behind.

For the past month, I had been drowning in work while attending my final year of high school. I had seven more months of high school before I could leave this place. That was the deal. At eighteen and after high school, I got my freedom and whatever I had paid off by then would be the end of it. The current Alpha and Luna seemed to think they were being extremely generous.

Today, I got up early to make breakfast for the whole family. The triplets came over when the breakfast was ready.

Alex was the eldest and the most serious and severe. He would surely rule with an iron fist and a surly demeanour. Felix as the middle triplet loved being the centre of attention and was naturally filled with wise-cracks, jokes and quips. Classic middle child. The youngest, Calix, was the charmer, a professional sweet-talker and Mommy’s favourite. He almost treated me like I was human.

“Did you make all of this, Charity?” Asked Calix, immediately trying to pull my hair out of its bun. I nodded, dodging him, only to bump into Felix who smirked and slipped my hair tie off. My curls tumbled down all around me. Felix and Calix laughed.

“Stop!” I implored them, reaching for my only hair tie. Felix held it high above my head. He threw it to Alex who caught it and put it in his pocket. I tried to lunge towards Alex but Felix grabbed me. Felix and Alex started shoving me back and forth between them like I was a ball and they were playing catch.

“I give up! I give up!” I said while they snickered.

Calix said, “All right. Cut it out. Let her go wash the wares. Mom wants the place kept as clean as possible so there’ll be less to do tomorrow.”

The elder two relinquished me. I ran into the kitchen. My heart was racing. I started on the dishes. By the time I was done, the family of five hungry werewolves, four of them from Alpha stock, had devoured literally everything I made except for one pancake. The chairs were all empty. I went to get the last pancake but Felix snatched it up. He had zoomed in out of nowhere, fast as a cheetah and quiet as a mouse.

“I haven’t eaten anything,” I told him, my eyes wide.

“Good, you’re fat enough as it is,” he said, sneering. He ate the pancake in two bites.

I sighed. I refused to cry. I had not cried in front of them since the first year of torment when I was nine.

The Triplets were widely regarded as the most handsome eligible bachelors in the Pack.

Well, never mind, their attitude didn’t matter.

At the night before the triplet’s birthday party…

The triplets walked into the house, each having their arm around a girl.

They had different girlfriends every two months or so. It did not make sense learning the girls’ names. Also, the triplets were anxious to find their real mate.

They were not sure if they had three separate mates or just one mate to share. So theoretically identical twins and triplets were naturally occurring clones. Every girl wished she was their mate. That was so crazy to me. The triplets were handsome but they were awful and three mates sounded so complicated.

The party planner Ronda glared at their girlfriends, jealousy evident in her beady eyes. The girls did not stay long and when they left, Ronda told the triplets I had showed up really late to help her. I sighed. I had been under the table literally as I wrapped tiny presents for door prizes. All the pack members got to pick a mystery present from a huge box tomorrow.

I crawled out from under the table to make myself known before they had to look for me. Hiding from them would just set them off. The triplets stared at me, their eyes wide. They looked at each other. I remembered my makeover. I did not think they would notice or even care.

Alex his lips, trailing his eyes from my head to my toes. I took a step back. Felix looked flabbergasted and Calix smirked at me.

“Leave it to us, Ronda,” said Felix, recovering his usual haughty sneer, “We’ll punish her.”

Ronda smiled maliciously at me. She was the most immature adult I had ever met including the triplets and that was saying something. The triplets had me backed against the kitchen island.

“I’m sorry,” I said, “I had to do some extra math.”

It was not a complete lie.

“Ok,” said Felix simply. He took a step towards me. “What’s all of this?” He gestured to my outfit, makeup and hair.

“My eighteenth birthday is tomorrow too. I’m just trying out how I wanna look,” I said, looking down.

“Do you have a boyfriend, is that it?” Asked Alex, anger rising in his voice.

Why did he even care?

“Don’t play games with us,” said Felix softly. “Is all of this for your mate? Have you figured out who he is?”

“No!” I said. They were acting so strange like I had done something underhanded.

“You’ll only know for sure tomorrow. Your inner wolf will tell you who your mate is,” said Calix.

“I don’t want a mate,” I said honestly. I had never had a guy be nice to me and I could not picture it happening.

Alex asked like I was crazy for saying that.

The Triplets were eager to find their real mate. They talked about it every birthday. They would visit other packs hoping to get a whiff of their mate. They thought maybe their mate was younger than them. That would explain why they could not pick up her scent. Only mates who had come of age could be discovered.

“Because he’d just be mean to me and call me names and I get enough of that from you,” I snapped. I should not have snapped. I was a little frightened now.

The triplets had not hit me since we were little. The last fight happened when I was eleven and they were fourteen.

After he had let out a blood-curdling scream and told his elder brothers about his nose, Alex slapped me and then Felix slapped me. Calix had been reluctant but they made him hit me.

They dragged me out to the frozen river behind the pack house. There was a hole in it for fishing. I was small enough to dip in the hole. Their parents had been furious. I went to the hospital for hypothermia. I never knew what their punishments had been but after that we never got physical with each other, nothing more than a shove.

Asked Alex.

I shrugged.

“No werewolf would insult his own mate or be mean to her,” said Felix, rolling his eyes.

“Don’t you know anything?” Added Calix.

“Ok, thanks, I get it now,” I said simply.

“You dressed up for us, didn’t you?” Said Felix smirking and rubbing his chin. The other two grinned. My heart leapt a little at the sight of their dimples. I shook my head. What was wrong with me? The triplets were monsters and good looks did not absolve them of that.

“Don’t make her admit it,” said Calix. “She’s embarrassed, Felix.”

“Admit it! You did this for us!” Felix exclaimed, grinning wickedly. He kept coming closer and my back was pressed against the kitchen island now.

Alex was quiet, smiling faintly and watching me closely. I just wanted them to go away. I was so frustrated with my whole life. There would not be a single present for me tomorrow. No one had counselled me about my shift at midnight and I was scared. I knew it would be painful and I did not need this from these three privileged who did not deserve the title of Alpha. They were physically Alphas but they had no integrity. They could not lead this pack. What a joke! I decided to play along.

“Yeah, ok,” I said softly, looking down to feign embarrassment and hugging myself tightly. “I dressed up for you. I asked two girls at school to help me. I really did have a math thing but I went to get dolled up after so that made me late as well. I’m sorry.”

I hid my face in my hands, stifling my laughter. They seemed to think I was crying.

“Hey, you know, we aren’t the little boys we used to be when we would fight with you,” said Alex gently. “We’re taking over this pack tomorrow and as you’re part of this pack we just wanna know what’s going on with you that’s all.”


“Don’t cry,” said Felix exasperadteay.

“Don’t insult her when you’re trying to cheer her up,” said Calix, turning on Felix. “Chasity,” said Calix, using my real name for the first time in nine years.

I dropped my hands. I was shocked. I just stared at him.

“You look pretty, ok” said Calix, winking.

My heart skipped a beat. He was bending down. His face was really close to me.

“Thanks for dressing up for us. I hope you wear an even shorter skirt tomorrow,” he said softly, smirking.

I rolled my eyes. Alex and Felix burst into laughter. I tried to brush past them but Felix grabbed my arms and put my back against the island again. My breath hitched in my throat.

“Did I say you could leave?” He asked, his nose brushing against my nose as he bent towards me. I squirmed in his arms.

“You need to have respect for your Alphas, Charity,” Alex said, using my awful nickname. The spell that Calix had cast on me was broken.

I screamed. “Let me go! Three Alpha males against one omega female is insane. You have no honour,” I cried, struggling against Felix. He released me.

“We were just playing with you Charity!” Said Felix “Good grief! Go! Run upstairs!”

I ran upstairs and to my room. I locked the door. I sat on my cot, hugging my knees to my chest. The Alpha and Luna came knocking on my door when darkness fell. I went out to them.

“We almost forgot, you have your first shift at midnight, same birthday as the triplets,” said Alpha Romeo rubbing the back of his neck.

I smiled. Were they going to counsel me or give me a gift?

“Yeah, so make sure and be out of the house at least by 11:45pm so you don’t break anything or make any mess when you shift,” said Luna Ronnie.

I nodded. I supposed that was one piece of advice. I left the house at half past eleven wearing my old clothes. I crunched through the snow. It was pitch-black. I sighed. I was nervous. I was scared of the pain. I wished my parents could be here. For the first nine years old my life, they had been in and out of rehabs. They were inconsistent but they actually seemed to love me a lot.

They would always make my birthdays and holidays special no matter how high they were. They were deeply in love with each other as mates and back then I almost looked forward to having a mate of my own. It was almost midnight. I did not want to rip my clothes so I removed them and stood in the snow without any clothes and barefoot my curls covering. If I had not been a werewolf I would have frozen to death. Midnight came and I felt my bones breaking.

The pain shot through me. It was excruciating. I screamed. My bones lengthened and rearranged themselves. Sandy-coloured fur enveloped my form. My eyesight and hearing became so sharp. I stood on all fours. I howled. I was a wolf.

I ran through the night, white snow beneath me and black sky above me. I practically flew. When I had tired of running. They would probably so cold after lying in the snow. I focused on what I looked like human and my bones started breaking again. It was painful but not nearly as bad as the first time. The triplets had gone out to ring in the first few minutes of their twenty-first birthday with some of their friends at a bar.

I passed by their rooms. The house had three floors. The Alpha and Luna slept on the top floor. The Triplets and I slept on the middle floor. I had a tiny converted storage room and each triplet had a master bedroom and bathroom. There was the most delicious smell coming from Calix’s room. I snuck in. He was the least scary of the triplets so I did not mind if he caught my scent when he came home and realised I had been in his home. His room literally smelled like freshly baked chocolate chip cookies. I looked around. Maybe he had pot cookies or something. I did not find anything. Ugh. I had put my scent all over some of his stuff for nothing.

I walked out and caught another scrumptious scent. This one was coming from the middle master bedroom that belonged to Felix. I dared not go in there but I sniffed the doorway. The smell reminded me of sweet coconut shavings. There was a tropical edge to it. I breathed it in, wondering why I had never picked it up before. My heart started to race. I was afraid to go near Alex’s room but I had to know. If all three rooms suddenly smelled great to me then…

I refused to think about it. I walked over to Alex’s door. I picked up the scent. The strong smell of coffee and cocoa hit me. My mouth watered a little. Did Alex smell that good? The window blew open suddenly and all three scents wafted down the hallway. Their combined scents hit me. I was in big trouble.

I went to my tiny room and locked the door. I tried to fall asleep but I kept tossing and turning. Those scents were plaguing me. Would they smell me when they returned home? Would I suddenly smell different now to them? I did not want to analyse it too much. Maybe my enhanced sense of smell was just picking up a lot that I had not noticed before. Maybe everyone smelled this good.

Chapter 2: Triplets’ Shared Mate

Third Person

Calix, Felix and Alex sauntered in the house at around three in the morning. It was Saturday. Later tonight, they had their official birthday party and alpha ceremony. Celebrating with their girlfriends and their “bros” from the town had left them exhausted and a little tipsy. It was difficult for werewolves to get drunk no matter how much alcohol they had but the triplets had really done their best. They said good night and happy birthday to each other and parted ways.

Calix stumbled into his room. A familiar scent greeted him but there was some unmistakable new element to it like a new ingredient enhancing an old favourite recipe of his. Someone had been in his room. A girl. She smelled like roses and honeysuckle. He shivered. That scent was driving him crazy. He could not sleep. It was all over everything. He felt as if he recognised the smell but he could not say exactly who it was. Surely he would have noticed and remembered someone who smelled this good.

He could not take it anymore when the sun came up. He banged on his brothers’ doors. They greeted him still half-asleep.

“What’s wrong, little bro?” Asked Alex, concern evident on his face.

“It better be good. It’s six o’ clock in the morning. We partied last night and we’re partying tonight,” said Felix, doing a little dance and yawning.

“Smell my room,” said Calix.

His brothers laughed. He walked away from them. They followed him.

“Enough!” Said Felix storming into Calix’s room. Felix stopped in his tracks. Alex entered and his eyes widened.

“Oh my God,” said Felix. “What is that?” The Alpha started sniffing about his brother’s room.

“Little Bro, who was in your room?” Asked Alex sharply.

“You’ve been with our mate!” Said Felix, growling. “You’re keeping her all to yourself.”

“No, I don’t know whose scent it is and it’s driving me crazy,” said Calix with tired eyes.

“Our mate’s been in this room,” said Felix gleefully. “She found us! Oh I can’t wait to get on her.” Felix growled again.

“What about Sandra, Tonya and Avery?” Asked Calix, mentioning their current girlfriends.

“We’ve only been dating them like a couple weeks! They know they’re not our mates so it was a temporary thing! I’m gonna end it with Tonya over the phone,” said Felix dismissively.

“Yeah,” agreed Alex. “If we can find our mate in time for the party we don’t want the girls showing up and harassing her.”

“Yeah, they’d be jealous,” said Calix. “And there’s one of her and three of them so we better tell them before tonight.”

The brothers were in agreement, all sitting on Calix’s bed.

“Who would be in my room?” Calix wondered.

“There’s something familiar about the smell,” said Alex, smiling. “It kinda smells a little like…” Alex paused, frowning. He got up and ran down the hallway. He stood in front of the door to Chasity’s little makeshift room. The same smell hit him. It made him shiver. Honeysuckle and Roses. He sighed. He found her door unlocked and opened it eagerly to reveal an empty room with the cot in the corner made. His face fell.

It suddenly dawned on him just how small Chasity’s room was compared to the other bedrooms in the house. There were empty guest bedrooms bigger than this room. Why didn’t his parents give her one of those?

His brothers came up behind him. Felix looked dumbfounded. Calix walked into Chasity’s room and lay in her cot, deeply inhaling her scent.

“I’m gonna wait for her to come back, right here,” he said, curling up on her tiny cot. It was comically small for the six-foot-four Alpha.

“I wanna go get her right now,” said Felix, his eyes worried. “We have a lot of talking to do.”

“Relax, Felix,” said Alex. “Our mate already lives with us so we’re good,” said the eldest Alpha grinning.

“No, we’re not good!” Said Felix staring at them. “Our mate is Charity. Charity!”

“Don’t call her that!” Snarled Calix, his blue eyes turning black.

“Sorry! Sorry! It’s a bad habit. Chasity,” Felix said. Her real name felt good to say out loud.

“What’s your problem?” Asked Alex. He was looking through Chasity’s things, thinking of all the stuff he was going to buy her. She hardly had anything so she would be easy to surprise. It was her birthday too after all.

“We have to go to the mall as soon as it opens at ten,” he told his younger brothers. “It’s Chasity’s birthday too and I’m sure Mom and Dad didn’t get her anything.”

“Are you hearing yourself?” Asked Felix.

“Again! What is your problem?” Alex asked Felix. Calix opened his eyes to glare at Felix.

“Chasity is our mate! We had no idea because she was not of age until today!” Felix said, waving his arms around like a mad man.

Calix and Alex were not following.

“We’ve treated Chasity bad! When she realises she’s our mate, she’s going to reject us!” Said Felix.

Calix shot up into a sitting position. “No, she’s not,” the youngest said. “No, she can’t. We’ve been waiting three years for our mate.”

“Chasity said she didn’t want a mate, remember?” Said Felix, spelling it out for them.

“Yeah,” said Alex. “But when the mate bond actually hits her, she’ll be putty in our hands.”

Calix beamed, grinning at Alex. “Yep,” Calix agreed.

Felix rolled his eyes. “Do you remember why Chasity did not want a mate? She said because he’d be mean to her like we were. Her mate is literally us.”

Calix and Alex were starting to look worried.

“She’s going to freak out!” Said Felix. “She’s going to try to leave. Remember, she’s been talking about turning eighteen, finishing high school and leaving!”

Alex smirked. “She has seven more months of high school. It’s November. We have until June or July with her to convince her otherwise.”

Felix calmed down a little, thinking it over.

Calix grinned wickedly, his dimples showing, mischief in his baby blue eyes, “Chasity might hate us now but by next summer we’ll be making her submit.”

His elder brothers burst into laughter.

Chapter 3: Dangerously Cute

Chasity’s POV

I had to wake up at the crack of dawn as usual on the day of the party despite going to bed after midnight. I was so tired. I passed as far away from the Triplet’s rooms as I could so I would not have to smell those delicious scents. I had to keep away from them. I could not bear to look them in the eyes if just their smell was driving me wild now that I was eighteen.

How could fate be so cruel? I wondered if they would be horrible mates. I would not let it reach to that. I had never even had one boyfriend, What would I be expected to do? How would I handle that? I felt overwhelmed just thinking about it. I would not even know who was doing what to me. I bit my lip. I was getting aroused again. I quickly pushed those thoughts away.

Maybe they will reject me outright? I thought.

My heart threatened to cleave in two or maybe three when I thought about that. My inner wolf whimpered. I hushed her soothingly. My wolf kept pushing thoughts of the triplets into my mind as I worked on all the last minute party details. Felix would be the roughest. Calix would be the gentlest. I was not sure what Alex would be like. He would probably boss me around, telling me to have respect for him as his mate and Luna.

A chill crept through me. Luna. The current Luna hated me. She would not want me as her successor. I did not think the current Alpha would care much. Around half past five in the morning, Ronda, the party planner showed up to help.

“Where are the birthday boys?” She said excitedly. I rolled my eyes. My inner wolf growled. She was possessive. I looked at Ronda’s micro mini skirt and tiny tube top. I was surprised she did not freeze to death on the way here. She was holding three identical baby blue gift bags.

“They’re asleep,” I said, frowning. “They usually don’t wake up until noon on weekends,”

“Oh,” she said. She looked crestfallen. She put a coat over her tiny outfit, probably to unveil it at noon.

Around six o’clock, I heard heavy steps. It couldn’t be! The Triplets woke up early! I ran out of the house without thinking. I shifted. Ronda ran out after me, her eyes wide with shock. I went bounding through the snow. I had ripped my clothes shifting suddenly like that. I needed to clear my head and stay clear of the Triplets until I decided what to do.

I had been running for a few hours all around the pack lands. I started to tire out. I knew I would be in pain when I shifted back. My wolf was strong but my human form was weak. I had never been athletic. I could not shift back without going home. I was stealthy on my way back to the pack house. I saw that one of the Triplet’s cars was gone. Hopefully they had all gone. I shifted back and snuck in a side door. I crept up the stairs as quickly as I could. I squealed when I reached my room. The door was closed and all three scents were incredibly strong. Were they in there? I peaked under the door. I sighed in relief and went in.

I put on my clothes. My clothes smelled like Alex. They had been here. All of them. Recently. Their scents were heavenly. Every single item of clothing and every book smelled like Alex. The bed smelled intensely like Calix. Felix’s scent was concentrated near the door. They knew. That’s the only thing that would have led them to my room. They enjoyed teasing me but in the last nine years they had never set foot in my room, not a single time.

I went back to the kitchen to find a seething party planner. Ronda was furious at me for taking off. The Triplets scents were here too. They probably had not noticed her skimpy outfit. I laughed to myself as I worked alongside her. I was incredibly jumpy, expecting the Triplets to return at any minute. I dared not ask Ronda where they had gone. The time passed by quickly. Before I knew it, it was four o’ clock. The party started at six in the evening and I needed enough time to get ready.

I was walking up the stairs when the Luna spotted me.

“Oh! Hey, I’m so sorry but one of the servers called in sick, so we’ll need you to help out with the serving? Ok?” She asked though it was not really a question. It was not like I could refuse. I did have one condition though.

“That’s fine but I’m not wearing a uniform,” I said, laughing.

She laughed too as if she had not even considered it but I bet she would have made me wear one if I had not brought it up first. Every pack member would be here soon. Thankfully, the pack house was huge with a sprawling living room. The DJ was setting up in there now. All the decorations were hung and the lights were dimmed. I wondered if I would have to watch the Triplets dance with their girlfriends. They would obviously be at the party. I sighed. I needed to stop feeling entitled to being with the Triplets. They were my mates but they hated me and I hated them.

I showered methodically. My muscles ached. I knew I would pay for that long run. My skin no longer looked sallow though. It was golden and had a healthy glow. My dark circles were still there though. My body needed some rest but I was always working or studying. I sighed. My hair looked shiny. I left it down. My friends Mina and Tina seemed to think my dark blonde curls were my best feature. I put on the outfit they had picked out for me, a black sequin mini dress and high heels. I did my makeup the way they had taught me. I was pleasantly surprised with the result. I spritzed on some perfume and ran down the stairs.

People started arriving a bit early. I greeted them and took their coats. Everyone called me “Charity” genuinely thinking that was my name and it was too late to correct them. I would be leaving this place in a matter of months. My inner wolf growled at me. I sighed. I noticed Sandra, Tonya and Avery all arrived together, holding hands, looking disgruntled in their mini dresses. Their eyes were red. They approached me to talk for the first time ever.

“Hey…uh…Charity,” said Sandra, tossing her flaming red hair back.

“Hey girl!” Tonya said. She had long straight black hair and olive skin.

“Nice to see you again,” Avery said with a smile. She had shoulder-length blonde hair.

“Hey girls, welcome, please help yourselves, feel free,” I said, awkwardly motioning towards the refreshment tables.

“Have you seen the Triplets today?” Sandra asked, narrowing her green eyes at me.

“No,” I said honestly in the most innocent tone I could muster.

“Ok, well, here’s the thing…” Tonya paused exchanging glances with the other two.

“The guys broke up with us!” Blurted out Avery. The other two glared at her. “Well, it’s true,” she said to them.

My heart was pounding.

“I’m so sorry to hear that,” I said stiffly.

“They said they found their mate,” Sandra added tensely.

I felt lightheaded. I stumbled backwards a little but caught my balance, leaning against the wall.

“They brushed us off…they said we’d only been together six weeks,” Tonya said, folding her arms.

That was true. The longest relationships the Triplets had were all about two months so the girls were only missing out on two more weeks.

“So since you live here, we figured you’d know who she is,” said Avery. “Their mate.”

I braced myself against the wall. I felt nauseated. The Triplets had already ended their relationships…for me? They would have ended them anyway but I felt awful for the three girls. I bit my lip. Did that mean the Triplets wanted me? Like right away? They had wasted no time breaking up with their girlfriends. I did not answer the girls’ question.

“Please, excuse me, girls,” I said feebly. I went into the kitchen. What was I going to do when the Triplets arrived?

I stayed hidden in the kitchen until the Luna came in and found me doing nothing. She glared at me and handed me a tray of champagne glasses to serve so the current Alpha could make a toast to his sons before he officially handed over the position. My mates would be Alphas in a matter of minutes. I passed out the champagne. Everyone smiled. The pack members were in a great mood. I even got a few thank yous and a few compliments on my outfit. I was a really low ranking member of the pack but because I served the Alpha and his family everyone knew my name or at least they knew my cruel nickname.

The Luna caught me socialising and I quickly scampered off to get more champagne. I handed a glass to the Luna who smiled coldly. The Alpha took a glass and nodded at me. I almost dropped my tray when I turned around and saw the Triplets.

They looked unbelievably handsome. My inner wolf was howling. Their scents were out of this world. They were staring at me. I could not read their expressions. I could not be with them but I could not be without them. I just hoped they would not reject me right away. It was my birthday too and I just wanted to enjoy it a little, without worrying too much.

I offered them the champagne glasses. Alex took the whole tray away from me to his mother’s chagrin. He handed the tray to an offended-looking Ronda. Calix grabbed my hand, causing tingles to shoot through my arm. Felix put his hands on either side of my waist from behind. I felt unexpected heat and bit my lip. Some pack members were regarding us with curiosity. Alex led us up the stairs with Calix pulling me by the hand.

They took me to Calix’s room. I quickly scurried away from them to the other side of the room, pressing my back against the wall. The spell of seeing my mates for the first time since I had come of age had broken now that we were alone.

“Don’t be scared, Chasity,” pleaded Calix, his blue eyes widening with hurt due to me letting go of his hand. He was using my real name.

“We’re not gonna hurt you, Baby,” purred Felix, eyeing me intensely.

I was shocked at the pet name. The heat in my body was back.

“We need to talk,” said Alex sternly. “Ok, Chasity?”

At least they were being respectful for once and using my real name with the exception of Felix who seemed to think I was already his Baby.

The brothers sat on Calix’s bed on one side of the room. I sat in the chair by his desk with his computer. The chair had wheels. I spun on it a little. I had never been in any of their rooms at all before until early this morning when I inspected Calix’s room. The Triplets cleaned their own rooms. We had lived together but emotionally we were like strangers in a way. I knew the Triplets had to have normal personalities outside of bullying me because they were certainly admired by everyone else and I had seen them be good to others with my own eyes. It stung thinking that they had reserved their venom for just me. What had I done? Besides be born unfortunate? Just like that, I broke an eight year long promise to myself as the tears streamed down my face without warning.

Alex looked despondent.

“Shh, Baby, it’s ok,” said Felix softly, handing me a tissue.

Calix grabbed my hand again and pulled the chair, wheeling it over to them. I was within arms reach of all three of them now. My heart raced due to fear. My body was really confused when it came to them. I knew they could hear my heartbeat and smell my arousal.

“As you probably already know, Chasity,” Alex said gently, “you’re our mate. All three of us. Triplets tend to have just one mate because…”

“I know,” I said, annoyed. I was probably better at science than them. They were always treating me like I was. Normally they would glare at me for interrupting them and even curse and complain but they just stared at me intently. “Because identical triplets are naturally occurring clones, one fertilised egg that split into three so one mate.”

“Exactly,” said Alex smiling. I dried my eyes and blew my nose.

His eyes were black. He reached out and caressed my knee. I shivered.

“Easy, Felix!” Warned Alex, removing his brother’s hand from my knee. Alex sighed.

“We’re so so so sorry, Chasity,” murmured Alex. “The way we’ve treated you is disgusting. We won’t make any excuses for it. We don’t deserve you but we want you as our mate and Luna. We’re willing to spend the rest of our lives making everything up to you.”

I was shocked. I had always wanted an apology. Now I had one, I wasn’t sure if it would suffice.

“We’re so sorry, Chasity,” said Calix. “Please let us love you!”

I blushed. Calix was always so dramatic.

“We’re really sorry, Baby,” said Felix. I was pretty sure I would never hear my horrid nickname or my real name come out of him ever again. I was henceforth Baby as far as he was concerned. I giggled at that thought. That was the wrong move because it set Felix’s wolf off.

“Oh, you’re so cute!” Growled Felix just before he grabbed me.

Felix grabbed me before Alex could stop him.

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