Is That Vegan Teacher My Mom?? (2023)


Is That Vegan Teacher My Mom?




24 hours with that vegan teacher and did that vegan teacher kidnap benoftheweek? Benoftheweek that vegan teacher! That Vegan teacher Ryan comedy and sssniperwolf!


So this is for you Ryan I, hope you don't mind, but I'll be eating during this video Mom.

Do you want a Cheesy, Goldfish, cracker, Ryan yeah, of course you're like when I said, you really hurt my feelings by eating animals.

I will stop scream you're like oh I'm, so sorry I don't want to offend you.

You cannot be a good person.

It's gonna, stab an innocent being who doesn't want to die.

I thought I thought for a while there that you were actually in like a um I have some leftover pizza.

If you want some, do you plan it? Yeah I'm, not okay with that either, but then I started to think that you're, actually a really cruel person.


Is that being a teacher of my mom okay, I'm gonna share this I'm gonna.

Tell you guys once and for all, God that'd be a teacher, so it started off guys as a joke.

It started off as a joke.

I made a few videos about her um like two years ago, even like I'll show you guys like the first video, let's, let's roll, the first video and then we'll discuss the juicy details: hi, kids, hi, that's cool, don't mind my face just passed the McDonald's on the way here and saw a man bite into a chicken nugget.

Mr Sutherland wanted me to teach you guys about.

Math I thought: let's sing it.

Here's my ukulele, oh two plus two is four.

Six plus six is twelve.

Cows are murdered every day in slaughterhouses, the little cow asks: where's my mommy she's, a Big Mac, everybody she's, a Big Mac she's, a big bag, she's a Big Mac.


Are you eating cow push? Yes, that Dorito could have been someone's mom, don't kill animals, don't kill animals, don't kill human spider, dark dark! Sorry guys! Where were we she's a Big Mac she's, a Big Mac now she's a Big Mac I wasn't trying to be offensive towards her at all.

What comes next is intense.

She starts to Yummy me yeah I, wonder if I could find those DMS okay, she starts dming me I start realizing, wait have I gone too far.

I don't know, haven't gone too far, guys you could be the judge of that I.

Don't know if I got if I went too far at all, I really don't understand.

You surround yourself with like who's advising you, but I wasn't trying to make fun of her I love.

Vegans, like one of my friends, is a vegan that sounds so bad.

You know people are like I love, gay people, I I saw a gay person on TV I feel like I'm doing that right now, I have a lot of vegan friends and I love, vegans, they're, totally fine with me, I'm, no I'm, fine with them.

Crap I'm really messing up this apology.

I love, vegans I've, said it once and for all.

I'll show you guys the rest of the DMS very soon I even tried to be vegan myself.

For you know it only was about a few hours, but I tried.

I tried hard, I have no problem with people being being vegan.

Literally, no problem I think it's good for the environment.

That's why I tried it.

I was like okay.

This is probably good for the environment.

I messaged that vegan teacher, um, I, say I'm.

So sorry, I can read you guys the whole thing I'm.

So sorry blah blah blah blah blah blah I'm.

Not doing this to offend anybody.

You know what I mean I'm just doing it I think it's a fine she's, a great personality to make videos of, and my intention is never to slander, vegans or even Her.

Like She's, a person like I respect her so obviously I said hi I'm.

So sorry, my heart dropped I was like.

Oh, my gosh did I actually avenge her.

That was never my intention.

I always try to create content that my audience enjoys, and this happens to me what they're enjoying most right now but I hope.

You know there are no Cruel Intentions in regards to eating meat during the videos.

They're all veggie burgers in real life, I totally respect you and you being vegan.

I do have one video coming out next week, that is of you playing the ukulele in different songs, but it doesn't include any meat eating.

Thank you for being open with me.

I appreciate it have a wonderful night and you know if you become vegan, you start to act like my kid.

I'll put you in my wheel, so I feel bad I start being like I will never use real meat.

I, never use real meat ever even that video I'll show you guys right now and then I'll discuss the more juicy stuff.

The video about her eating meat I think I did two of those videos.

It was all a veggie burger.

Why does that smell? Like the poor suffering orcas from SeaWorld Jeremiah Von quinoa plant succulent plant tree Forest, the Third? It was all a veggie burger I didn't want to be disrespectful.

I was like that's too far to put a beef burger in a video, even the tick tocks I did about her, except for the Big Mac, oh I'm.

So sorry, what are you doing? Oh, my goodness, that was Bob I messed up on that one guys.

I will say that oops oops I'm, so sorry, and now she DMS me a lot just like tick tocks that are like Pro being vegan like she'll DM me.

She always wants me to try and watch that cow slaughter.

Video I will not watch that I will not guys I know she wants me to be traumatized enough to go vegan and never eat meat again, but I don't know.

If I can do it guys I it's too much I, don't want to put myself don't put yourself through trauma anyway.

Is that being a teacher, my mom Ryan? You can't be promoting animal abuse on your channel.

There's just nothing funny about it, but if you're not talented enough to find a way to be funny without being cruel, I want nothing to do with you anymore, no she's, my stepmom um growing up guys it was hard being her son I mean all those tick tocks I made the videos about her are 100.

True, you guys I'm, that vegan teacher's son and here's a song that she made us sing growing up around the dinner table is better than the chickens.

Meat means you're a murderer: meat You're, a murderer chickens are made to lay eggs for their chicken daughters and sons.

The songs we had to sing one one's coming to me.

What is it counter for watching cows or for watching not eating on a slider? That was one of the songs, and it's not very good.

I do I'd sing this with my siblings, though eating animals is wrong.

Mcdonald's herding animals is wrong.

Mcdonald's share this song and go be vegan from now on eating animals.

I will sing that to the day I die.

I love that song.

Actually the melody is super catchy I.

Also posted.

This is t, wait, I forgot, I, didn't tell you guys this I posted a this is my bad, but it's funny.

I was going to see a show in Toronto with my family and it was like a musical Joseph.

If you guys, I was so hungry and so I like went to grab a hot dog that goes a street meat, hot dog and I love.

Those guys I will I usually get the veggie one I, usually, but this time I did it.

Some I didn't get it.

Of course.

This time I got the regular beef, hot dogs, the jumbo one.

It's not just not just a regular one.

I got the jumbo and I posted a photo on it.

I I document my life on Instagram, guys I.

It's everything, I I share too much on there, so I, just mindlessly posted it.

Hello, street meat, I have a straight street meat, hot dog and so I posted it.

She got so mad um McDonald's.


Is That Vegan Teacher actually vegan? ›

Diekmeyer speaks English and French. A vegan since June 27, 2016, she condemns what she considers to be vegaphobia. Her open letter, "Dog persuaded them to give up meat", censuring cruelty to animals, was published in the Montreal Gazette in 2004. She has three children with her first husband.

Is That Vegan Teacher a real teacher? ›

That Vegan Teacher, otherwise known as Miss Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, is an elementary school teacher turned self-proclaimed animal rights activist.

Are Takis vegan? ›

Takis (aka Taquis) are Mexican spicy crunchy rolled-up taquito-inspired chips that are popular in the United States, Canada, Mexico, and around the world. Are Takis vegan? The short answer is: yes, most flavors are! Specifically the Fuego Flavor, Habanero, Spicy Sweet Chili, and other flavors listed below.

Why did That Vegan Teacher get removed from TikTok? ›

The Creator known as That Vegan Teacher has violated multiple community guidelines in various videos, duets, and sounds. “She's a former certificated educator however has no background in veterinary nor human medicine.

Did That Vegan Teacher delete her TikTok? ›

Kadie Karen Diekmeyer, known online as That Vegan Teacher, has been banned on TikTok. Her account page, which had 1.7 million followers before it was taken down, now only shows a "couldn't find this account" message that says she was banned for "multiple community guideline violations."

Where is the vegan teacher TikTok? ›

Who Is That Vegan Teacher? The viral vegan's real name is Kadie Karen Diekmeyer. Diekmeyer is from Montreal, Québec. She was reportedly a registered nurse before becoming an elementary school teacher.

What happened to vegan teacher dog? ›

Bella was a vegan teacher dog, and she drowned as a result of being drowned. Despite this, she did become a vegan.

Why was That Vegan Teacher fired from school? ›

The teacher, who is also an animal rights advocate, said that it was inhumane to separate the calves from their mothers. In return, when it came time to renew his contract, the school board said they could not because the farm that owns the calves complained about his post.

Are Oreos vegan? ›

Are Oreos really vegan? Oreo cookies do not contain any animal-derived ingredients and are safe to eat for vegans.

Are Skittles vegan? ›

Most types of Skittles are considered vegan, but not all. While Skittles Classic Fruits, Skittles Sour, Skittles Tropical and Wild Berry Skittles are all currently suitable for vegans, some special editions such as the Once in a Blue Moon Skittles are not, as the blue skittles contain animal product derivatives.

Is Sour Patch Kids vegan? ›

The simple answer to the question 'Are sour patch kids vegan? ' is no. Sour Patch Kids are not vegan in the UK as the ingredients still contain gelatine. However, in the US, Sour Patch Kids do not contain gelatine, so keep an eye on the ingredients list of every pack just to be sure.

Does the vegan teacher have Instagram? ›

The Vegan Teacher (@theveganteacherr) | Instagram.

Is the vegan teacher back on TikTok? ›

Self-proclaimed social activist and vegan, That Vegan Teacher, has returned to TikTok using a new account after her original one got banned for violating community guidelines. The controversial activist was universally critiqued for taking things too far in her videos and was eventually banned on TikTok.

Who is the vegan lady from TikTok? ›

Kelsi Giroux. Kelsi is a micro-influencer who is a part of the vegan TikTok community. Kelsi has been a vegan for over seven years and shares her lifestyle with others through her posts. She shows what she eats daily and demonstrates how she makes her vegan meals.

What city does the vegan teacher live in? ›

She lives in Lasalle, Quebec, Canada with her husband and dog. That Vegan Teacher is a popular Canadian animal activist and social media personality.

How many students are vegan? ›

The Innova Health & Nutrition Survey found that nearly 23 percent of 18-to-25-year-olds maintain a vegan or vegetarian diet.

Are vegan dogs OK? ›

The short answer is that yes, technically speaking, dogs can survive and even do well on a vegan or vegetarian regimen, says Cummings Veterinary Medical Center at Tufts University.

Can my dog be vegan? ›

Dogs are omnivores, which means that they eat both meat and plant products. While it is theoretically possible, the British Veterinary Association does not recommend giving a dog a vegetarian or a vegan diet as it is much easier to get the balance of essential nutrients wrong than to get it right.

Can vegans keep dogs? ›

So, can vegans have pets? The answer is yes – but it's not as simple as just adopting any animal you want. There are several things to consider, such as what kind of pet would be best suited for your lifestyle and whether or not you're comfortable with the idea of feeding them an animal-based diet.

What is the controversy with vegan camp out? ›

Organisers of the seventh annual Vegan Camp Out have been accused of being 'hypocrites' and 'not real vegans' over their choice of hosts - and are now taking legal action against what they described as 'lies' being spread by 'anti-vegan trolls'.

Is the vegan teacher religious? ›

In a different video, the vegan teacher responded to someone who said that their religion was against veganism by stating, “time to change that religion right away!” Kadie is non-religious and has responded to several other religious people by writing short songs convincing them to switch to a religion (or none at all) ...

What happened to Bella the vegan dog? ›

NORTH CHARLESTON, S.C. (WCIV) -- Bella, the North Charleston dog who had been missing since December 22nd, was found dead Sunday morning by her owner, according to North Charleston Police. Officials say her body was located down an embankment of the EB side of the 52 Connector at 2:00 AM.

What do vets think of vegan dog food? ›

Dogs are omnivores, which means that they eat both meat and plant products. While it is theoretically possible, the British Veterinary Association does not recommend giving a dog a vegetarian or a vegan diet as it is much easier to get the balance of essential nutrients wrong than to get it right.

Are all Christians vegan? ›

Most Christians maintain that Jesus's teaching in Mark 7 demonstrates that Christians can eat whatever they want, that dietary choices are a matter of "Christian liberty", and that therefore vegetarianism or veganism could never be obligatory for Christians.

What religion are most vegans? ›

Plant-based eating is deeply rooted in three of the prominent religions practiced in India – Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism. All these religions believe in the concept of Ahimsa, which means kindness and non-violence towards all living things.

What religion is best for vegans? ›

Hindu and Buddhism

Both of these traditions emphasize the importance of nonviolence and compassion towards all living beings, and this commitment to ethical conduct has led many followers to adopt a vegetarian or vegan diet. In Hinduism, the concept of ahimsa, or nonviolence, is a central tenet of the faith.

Did that vegan teachers account get deleted? ›

On Monday (Feb. 22), controversial TikTok creator and self-described "animal rights activist" That Vegan Teacher was permanently banned from the platform.

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