Kim Kardashian's Haute Couture Fashions & Fittings: Mugler & More | KUWTK | E! (2023)


From Kim Kardashian preparing for Kanye West's Yeezy campaign in Japan to Kim and Kourtney feuding in front of the Mugler team, catch some of Kim's iconic fashion statements and fittings.

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Foreign I decided to go to Japan to shoot a Yeezy campaign.

We just thought it would be such cool Vibes.

Let's do a full shoot out there and kind of Debut season, seven out in Japan and court and I have been dying to go to Japan, so we're not going to let Kim go so low, yeah pregnant at all.

I'm bumping it up in Japan.

What are we doing here? What are you guys doing? Kanye's people like designing season, seven like around my trip to Japan, so it's like.

Basically, it really takes the stuff really seriously.

It's amazing yeah! Easy doesn't really! You know play by the fashion rules of having to have his collection out by a certain time.

I mean we just finished season six.

It was such a genius campaign of just wearing all the looks and getting shot by the paparazzi and Kanye got such a good response that for Japan I'm hoping to get shot by like fans and they posted or Paparazzi, so that we get images we'll get tons of content from my app and my Instagram I love these cropped bombers.

I could totally do these when I showed up to the office and I saw like 40 or 50 people working on this with the entire bottom floor filled with samples.

I was like.

Oh my God, you guys are really serious, but I love working with Kanye in that way, because he'll listen to me on things that are important to me and then I'll trust him on colors and fabrics.

So it really does work so well, so you don't have to do like fashion shows anymore yeah.

That's amazing! I love, this Vibe I think it's just like cooler and fresh, so freaking cool, hey, so I just realized I had this amazing uh Gianni Versace black chainmail and fishnet dress that Donna tell us sent over and so I was like.

Oh my God.

This is what Courtney should be wearing on her 40th birthday party.

After seeing Courtney get so Sentimental Over, the Disney things from my mom I realized that Chloe's right, Courtney's, really emotional these days and really going through it I'm still really upset with her and The Stylist.

But now it's not the time and like I, don't I want her to look amazing and so I know.

Donatella had sent me this dress and I feel like it would have looked better on her.

So I want to give her this, like crazy archive.

You know, Versace dress, to wear on her 40th birthday, so she'd look and feel her best.

Foreign, hey, so I I thought I have the most perfect dress that you can wear for your party yeah.

Look it's this Gianni Versace, but it's like half chainmail and half fishnet.

We love it.

You do yeah I'd love to try.

Okay, I'll! Have someone bring it over right now, see yeah! No I love her.

Oh my God hi! What up I was thinking of wearing this to your 40th birthday party? Oh perfect! What do you think so this will be all beaded.

Obviously, in all crystals is it true, honey I would say October 31st.

What insult me? It's changing I've been planning.

My matte looks since last year and she was just so rude in front of the whole mugler team ew.

Oh my God Is This Halloween.

It's all super embarrassing and like I, can't even stomach it.

Okay, bye really like flattering for me: Steven's, obviously I know how much um Manfred Terry mugler's manager.

Let us know like.

Oh that's so weird she doesn't get this Vibe, because she's, the one that's hitting us up wanting, looks and we're like what no way for her to not only try to use the same designer, but then to like be so rude.

It really hit me the wrong way like they have like all your stuff they're like selling it like the tops, the cfda top and they're like oh Courtney.

Stylist came and took all of them.

Rick Owens, Made, Me, This, custom piece for the cfda awards.

It's like cream two-piece, and so they said, can we make it in white and we'll sell it in the store? So when my stylist got there, they said- oh sorry, Courtney stylist just picked this up for her.

This was a custom-made look for me that they, you know reproduced.

Why would Courtney want the same exact? Look that I've worn and she was with me at the cfda awards and she knew that it was custom and she knew all this stuff.

Then I was like.

Why did I actually do like the same crazy animal glare and like the Gautier prince? It's like should I, say something: yeah call her and say: hey I was gonna text her, but I want to ask him first yeah.

She keeps copying me so the Louis Vuitton show is a men's show.

So it is hard and slim pickings of clothes, because I have to wear men's clothes, but Virgil sent over racks and racks of clothes.

For me to choose from I.

Do like this, though, if you're not like walking in a show, it's so important to be wearing something from the collection I like them.

You know you it's all about the look like you have to look good if you're sitting front row at a Paris fashion show, especially for Louis Vuitton ski I, either like the turquoise, with like a bike short or I like I like the turquoise, the best yeah, the hair wrap stuff on the ground.

Okay, we do well, you have to pee anymore.

Oh my God I'm gonna hold it you're.

Gonna have to hold it until like two yeah, okay, I'll, never wear a condom.

Can we rip it? No, you want some shines.

Oh yeah, I am so you're.

Gonna need Gatorade electrolytes.

This is a sport actually, but you guys I now I need the coat with the gloves.

I'm gonna be fully boxed in okay.

This is like me as a housewife, washing dishes.

Thank you.


What designer is Kim Kardashian wearing? ›

Kim Kardashian Wearing Balenciaga Again Following Ad Campaign Controversy.

How many Vogue covers do the Kardashians have? ›

Of course, Kris has appeared in other magazines, but her children have starred on numerous Vogue covers; Kendall, as the resident fashion-industry favorite, has fronted 13 international editions, while Kim Kardashian boasts 10 covers, including three for American Vogue — one of which she landed with then-fiancé Kanye ...

Which Kardashians have been on the cover of Vogue? ›

Momager graces the fashion bible after Kim, Kourtney, Kendall, Kylie (but NOT Khloe) did it first. Kris Jenner has finally landed a Vogue cover just after turning 66-years-old. The momager was seen on the front of Vogue Czechoslovakia, aka Vogue CS.

How many pieces of clothing does Kim Kardashian have? ›

The reality star owns a big collection of luxury branded clothes, and being her, Kim Kardashian barely ever repeats. Kim Kardashian recently revealed having a massive clothing archive of around 30,000 pieces.

What brand does Kim Kardashian wear most? ›

It's no secret that Kim Kardashian West loves to wear designer clothes. Yeezy, Gucci, and Tom Ford are among her favorite labels to wear at the moment, but she isn't opposed to combining designer wear with fast-fashion items.

Who is Kim Kardashian favorite designer? ›

Being a Kardashian, she prefers to mix family and business, which is why the bonds with her favorite designers are so personal. From Riccardo Tisci, Olivier Rousteing, Thierry Mugler, Demna Gvasalia, and West himself, the almost-lawyer libra has explored her fashion with the most innovative designers of her time.

Which supermodel has the most Vogue covers? ›

The record of most Vogue covers in history belongs to Gisele Bundchen with over 145 covers to date as of 2023.

Who has more Vogue covers Gigi or Bella? ›

Fashion's elite. Fast-forward eight years, and it's hard to pick up a magazine or watch a runway show that one of the sisters does not feature in. Gigi has 37 Vogue covers alone under her belt, while Bella has 27, appeared on her first solo US Vogue cover in April.

Who has the most American Vogue covers? ›

American model and actress Lauren Hutton (USA, b. 1943) appeared on 26 American Vogue covers from November 1966 to November 1999 – more than any other person.

Where is Kim Kardashian ethnicity? ›

Kardashian has expressed pride in her Armenian and Scottish ancestry. She is not a citizen of either Armenia or the United Kingdom, and does not speak Armenian.

Has Kylie Jenner ever had a Vogue cover? ›

Kendall Jenner interviewed her about life with Stormi, her Lip Kits, and the future. Kylie Jenner just got her first Vogue cover.

Did Kim Kardashian model for Balenciaga? ›

Kardashian's love affair with Balenciaga continued into 2022 and she was rarely spotted wearing any other designers. The mom-of-four even starred in Balenciaga's fall 2022 fashion show where she walked on the runway alongside other celebrities such as Dua Lipa and Nicole Kidman.

How much weight did Kim lose to wear dress? ›

While in conversation with The New York Times for a recent interview, Kardashian, 41, spoke candidly about her decision to lose 16 lbs. within three weeks in order to wear Marilyn Monroe's iconic "Happy Birthday, Mr.

What is the world most expensive dress Kim Kardashian? ›

Met Gala Rewind: Kim Kardashian Lost Over 7 Kg To Fit Into 'World's Most Expensive' Dress Worn By Marilyn Monroe. For Met Gala 2022, reality TV star Kim Kardashian wore Marilyn Monroe's iconic​ nude dress.

Who owns the dress Kim Kardashian wore? ›

The dress is also of particular significance as Marilyn Monroe died just three months later, making this one of her last public appearances. The ensemble was sold in 2016 at an auction hosted by Julien's for $4.81 million and is currently owned by Ripley's Believe It or Not.

What clothing line does Kim Kardashian wear? ›

Skims is an American shapewear and clothing brand co-founded by Kim Kardashian, Emma Grede and Jens Grede. Skims has a focus on body positivity and inclusivity across the brand and practice inclusive sizing. The company was valued at over $3.2 billion in January 2022.

How much did Kim pay to wear Marilyn Monroe's dress? ›

Ripley's also stated that Kardashian did not pay to wear the dress, nor did the museum franchise pay her. Instead, Kardashian made a charitable donation to two organizations in the greater Orlando area, where the dress is usually displayed, "on behalf of the company."

What designer did Kim wear to Met Gala? ›

This year Kardashian showed off her hourglass figure with a custom Schiaparelli haute couture design by Daniel Roseberry — a draped skirt and top made from more than 50,000 freshwater pearls and 16,000 crystal pearls. The gown took one-dozen artisans 1,000 hours to craft.

What's the deal with Balenciaga and Kim Kardashian? ›

Kim Kardashian is selling a selection of her Balenciaga items at a reduced price online after she defended her response to the fashion brand's recent scandal. Balenciaga faced backlash late last year for since-deleted campaign images on its website, including toddlers holding the company's teddy bear handbags.

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