Madonna CONFRONTS Kevin Hart For HUMILIATING Her Live On Air (2023)


Madonna CONFRONTS Kevin Hart For HUMILIATING Her Live On Air

Tik Tok isn’t for everyone but Madonna doesn’t know that. She’s been made fun of by tons of people for joining the trend and now, even celebrities are coming for her. We just don’t know what to make of her material.

Kevin Hart just made fun of the queen of pop and things are not looking well for him because of it. The comedian made a joke about Madonna, her age, and Tik Tok - which ultimately does not go well together. But still, she is the queen of pop. People have mad respect for her but is it true that she’s taking things a bit too far this time.

Before we tell you what Kevin did to Madonna, you should know how it all started.

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Or or Madonna on, Tick Tock, oh goodness, take a look at this [ __ ].

But that's her no watch this that's Madonna there Madonna back up back the [ __ ] up Madonna good.

No, what you don't? What is she doing? Oh all, right! Thank you, okay! Thank you very much.

What just happened! I, don't understand what that was well.

Nobody does to be honest with you.

If I can get that part of my life back I'll do anything to happen.

I mean what just happened.

Man yeah but I mean she looks great yep come on now yeah right yeah.

Yes, we we need right, love lover.

Nobody has explained to her the algorithm of how Tick Tock works yeah.

She thinks this yeah yeah based on closeness, I, don't know what that was.

Yes, it's not Tick, Tock isn't for everyone, but Madonna doesn't know that she's been made fun of by tons of people for joining the trend, and now even celebrities are coming for her.

We just don't know what to make of her material.

Kevin Hart just made fun of the Queen of Pop, and things are not looking.

Well for him, because of it, the comedian made a joke about Madonna, her age and Tick Tock, which ultimately does not go well together, but still she is the Queen of Pop.

People have mad respect for her, but is it true that she's taking things a bit too far, this time before we tell you what Kevin did to Madonna? You should know how it all started.

Madonna has received a lot of criticism for coming on Tick Tock, since it's an app filled with trendy things and well young people.

She is everyone talking actually at First.

People found it funny and took it all so lightly until things took a turn, and now some of her videos had made everyone question her sanity we're all now concerned for her well-being.

After watching her Tick-Tock videos from dancing shirtless to drinking from doggy bowls, we know she's desperate for attention.

Is it because she's being overshadowed by new artists and is suddenly becoming irrelevant, but maybe it's for a different far more worse reason, a lot of her oiled and new fans are wondering what's wrong with her as she was on something it's truly concerning there aren't any other emotions you'd feel watching them aside from cringe and concern a 60 year old artist with so much Legacy is still privy to be noticed.

Maybe it's time for newer artists.

Don't you think we swear you'll, never expect.

What's coming your way when you click on one of her videos, most of them are totally disturbing, and it's obvious that her behavior is getting more and more unhinged.

The singer loves to share videos of her face up close to the camera.

Vadanna's appearance in the videos also spark chatter among her followers, because it seems like there's a lot going on.

She may have gotten work done at his shows, not that it's bad they're, just pointing out that it's too obvious in most of her videos, she's actually seen with eyebrows bleached in her orange lock styled into four braids Madonna, has been actively posting on social media over the past year, which has garnered several opinions over her interesting outfit choices and shocking confessions is her reign as Queen of Pop now over she's becoming the laughing stock of the entertainment world, and we feel worse for her.

Her erratic Behavior may have made her popular before, but it's definitely not suitable for her these days.

Her fans are oh, so supportive of her claiming the way Madonna is on Tick.

Tock is just so iconic as some 15 minutes 18 year old were to see her they'd, probably cringe, but not me, while some people on the internet are saying mean things about her like.

Is it me or does Madonna make you cringe every time you see a tick tock of her haters are having a field day with the amount of things she's posting.

They went as far as criticizing her tour Announcement by saying so.

Madonna is going on tour.

She could barely dance on her crazy Tick Tock posts, I'm gonna pass in this one.

She had to cancel so many dates of her last showdude injuries obtained in stage.

A number of celebrities share the same thoughts as these people, just like comedian, Kevin Hart, who is not one to keep his thoughts to himself Kevin along with Kennen Thompson, took us through some of the biggest headlines of 2022 in their skit call back that year up and we're not gonna lie.

It was definitely hilarious.

They gave their take on some controversial things, including the time Southwest Airlines gave their Flyers ukuleles David Beckham waited hours in line to see the late Queen Elizabeth and, of course, when Madonna made her cringy tick.

Tocks at first Kevin mentioned that covet is going to haunt us forever, which isn't questionable, but he Compares that to Madonna's time on Tick Tock, because the artist being on that app feels like forever already.

You know how it is the cringier, the video the longer it takes to watch it and the more brain cells it needs to do it.

It's forever, gonna be on our minds.

According to Kevin, watching her videos are part of the moments you wish.

You could forget it's a total waste of time and he wished he would get that part of his life back.

They compliment her and tell her she looks great, but they do think that no one up to this day has explained to Madonna how Tick-Tock works.

It's because she takes her videos super up close to the point that you can see all her pores.

Maybe she couldn't see the phone or maybe that's her, aesthetic whatever it is, everyone finds it disturbing viewers were agreeing with everything.

Kevin Hart was saying as if they weren't a tad bit problematic.

There's saying things like this was hilarious, I literally laughed watching the whole thing, and things like that.

We're guessing the Queen of Pop isn't taking this comment by Kevin Hart lightly, because, honestly to what the comment was subtle, but it's still an attack and he clearly mocked her.

Someone as Fierce as Madonna would probably react to that.

But anyway, celebrities should know that they can't just hop on the bandwagon.

When there's a new trend for Millennials or gen Z's, they should probably think of their background first and especially their age.

Not everything suits everyone and Madonna surely proved back Madonna Rose to fame years back.

She started when she was just 20 years old and had a career as a singer by 1982.

that was decades ago, and now she's almost 70 years old, but hits like like a virgin or papa doe preach will never be forgotten.

If that's what she's scared of her fans actually feel like? She doesn't need to act too young because they idolize her, no matter what they're also desperate for her to stop doing things to her face, because it's starting to look weird and totally unnatural.

Speaking of unnatural there's, so many different layers of questions to Madonna's Tick Tock.

We want to know why she was drink drinking water from that doggy bowl or why she scarily lip synced to a song while having bleached eyebrows.

It's also weird to us in that particular viral video, which has garnered over 8 million views the 64 year old, pop icon, donned, her silver chains, jewels and bleached eyebrows.

When you open the comments section of that, video you'll see a lot of alarmed and Disturbed fans, they're saying things like this is just awful.

What happened to the real Madonna, the one that you can actually look at and say, while you are beautiful and talented and I used to love you and admire you seeing you like this is truly concerning someone else shared.

It's sad that the people around you are not intervening and help.

You has that possible.

Okay, maybe they're, taking it too far with the comments, but we get where they're coming from there's another clip of her, where she posted consecutive, quick clips of herself looking down the barrel of the camera, with the song's Frozen in ginseng strip, 2002 playing in the background as she remains silent, it's gonna look creepy! If you don't know who she is to the point where people are saying things like, could you use the Madonna filter please? So you look more like Madonna, we don't know if she's doing this for fun, or maybe it's just a publicity stacked, she did reveal some sensitive stuff there, though now we have that video of her where she seemingly comes out as gay in that Tick Tock, she holds a pair of what appear to be pink panties.

While writing on the video which states, if I, miss, I'm gay Madonna, then tosses the underwear towards a waste basket, misses him and then gestures.

Oh well.

We hope that's not just a publicity stunt, because that's a pretty sensitive topic, but you know, while the clips may have been a cause for concern, it's not like Madonna has stopped posting on Tick Tock.

She posted more time than your average Tick-Tock influencer.


We definitely appreciate it more if she just came out with new songs, just like her old ones, they're.

The reason why she's famous anyway? Well, that's all for now.

Remember that some of this information is all based on theories and opinions that shouldn't be considered facts.

Thank you.

So much for watching.


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