Republic Day 2023 LIVE Updates: PM Modi Says Grateful For Egypt Prez for Gracing Parade; Grand Procession Concludes with Display of ‘Daredevil’ Feats - News18 (2024)

Republic Day 2023 LIVE Updates: PM Modi Says Grateful For Egypt Prez for Gracing Parade; Grand Procession Concludes with Display of ‘Daredevil’ Feats - News18 (1)

Republic Day 2023 Live Updates: A multi-layer security cover is in place for the Republic Day celebrations in Delhi on Thursday

Republic Day 2023 Live Updates: The Republic Day Parade 2023 concluded after a grand display of cultural tableaux, military prowess and daring feats. The grand finale, which included the Indian Air Force’s fly-past display was somewhat marred by a foggy sky.The grand parade began from Kartavya Path in New Delhi after a 21-gun salute was performed. President Murmu, Prime Minister Modi and this year’s chief guest, Egyptian PresidentAbdel Fattah El-Sisi are among the dignitaries present at the venue.Prime Minister Narendra Modi visited the National War Memorial where he laid a wreath and paid tribute to India’s heroes.The Republic Day Parade in New Delhi starts at 10:30 amfrom Vijay Chowk and move to Red Fort.A multi-layer security cover is in place for the Republic Day celebrations in Delhi on Thursday with police conducting anti-sabotage checks, verification drives and patrolling to thwart any untoward incident, according to officials. Around 6,000 security personnel have been deployed in the New Delhi district and 24 help desks set up for those attending the celebrations at the Kartavya Path, they said. Police said that around 60,000 to 65,000 people are expected to attend the Republic Day celebrations. President Murmu will unfurl the national flag shortly.

This year, entry is based on QR code given on passes. No person without a valid pass or ticket would be allowed, according to Deputy Commissioner of Police (New Delhi) Pranav Tayal. More than 150 CCTV cameras have been installed and some of them also have the facial recognition system, the DCP said.

The Centre on Sunday said colourful tableaux from 17 states and union territories including Assam, Maharshatra, Uttar Pradesh, Jammu and Kashmir depicting the nation’s “rich cultural heritage, economic progress and strong internal and external security” will roll down the revamped Kartavya Path during the Republic Day celebrations on January 26, with ‘Nari Shakti’ being the theme for majority of the floats.

A red alert was sounded across Punjab and all interstate boundaries sealed on Wednesday to ensure foolproof security for Republic Day, while sniffer dog units and bomb disposal squads sanitised vulnerable places in neighbouring Haryana, officials said.

Vehicles entering the two states are being thoroughly checked. Police personnel are keeping a close vigil in sensitive locations to maintain law and order ahead of the Republic Day celebrations on Thursday, they said.

On the directions of Chief Minister Bhagwant Mann, a red alert has been sounded across Punjab to ensure peaceful Republic Day celebrations in the border state, an official statement said.

This will be the first Republic Day celebrations hosted at the ceremonial boulevard after Rajpath was renamed Kartavya Path last year.

The government has allowed only 45,000 spectators – around 64% cutback from pre-Covid number of 1.25 lakh. As many as 32,000 seats are available for the people. For the first time, all official invites for the ceremonial event will be sent online.

Around 1,000 special invitees for the parade include workers of the Central Vista project, maintenance workers of Kartavya Path, vegetable vendors, rickshaw pullers, small grocery shop owners, and milk booth workers.

For the first time the Egyptian Army is participating as a Foreign Contingent. The contingent will have 144 personnel participating in the parade. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi is the Chief Guest of the 74th Republic Day celebrations.

All Indian Army equipment on display at the Republic Day parade this year is ‘Made in India’. The 21 Gun Salute will be through indigenously made 105 mm Indian Field Guns (IFGs). The ammunition has also been produced indigenously, the Army said in a statement.

Out of fifty aircraft that will take part in the Republic Day celebrations this year include the Navy’s IL-38 which will be showcased at the event for the first and perhaps the last time. IL-38 is a maritime reconnaissance aircraft of the Indian Navy that has served for nearly 42 years. “It will be showcased during the Republic Day celebrations here for the first time and perhaps the last time. It will be among the 50 aircraft that will take part in the event,” a IAF official said.

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Republic Day 2023 LIVE Updates: PM Modi Says Grateful For Egypt Prez for Gracing Parade; Grand Procession Concludes with Display of ‘Daredevil’ Feats - News18 (2024)


Who was the chief guest of Republic Day 2023 in India? ›

List of chief guests
YearChief GuestCountry
2020Jair BolsonaroBrazil
2021No chief guest due to COVID-19 pandemic
2023Abdel Fattah el-SisiEgypt
83 more rows

Who led the Republic Day parade 2023? ›

President Smt Droupadi Murmu will lead the Nation in celebrating the 74th Republic Day from Kartavya Path in New Delhi on January 26, 2023. Egyptian President Mr Abdel Fattah El-Sisi will be the Chief Guest at the parade.

What is the significance of the Republic Day parade? ›

Indian leaders attached military parades to the Republic Day to commemorate the triumph of a new sovereign strong republic against the colonial power.

Which document was adopted on January 26, 1950 making India a republic? ›

Republic of India

Though India became a free nation on August 15, 1947, it declared itself a Sovereign, Democratic and Republic state with the adoption of the Constitution on January 26, 1950.

Who won Republic Day parade 2023? ›

CRPF named best Marching Contingent among CAPF/other auxiliary forces in both categories. The best marching contingents and tableaux of Republic Day Parade 2023 have been announced.

Who won the best tableau in Republic Day 2024? ›

Odisha was awarded the Best Tableau Award during the 75th Republic Day Parade 2024. Odisha has received the first prize among the tableaux displayed by various states and union territories.

Which is the best marching contingent in 2024? ›

Delhi Police and CRPF marching contingents awarded top honors in Republic Day parade 2024 - The Economic Times.

What is the difference between chief guest and guest of honor? ›

As it is in the word “-of honor”. The chief guest would be the President, for he/she is the most important guest at the event, festival or ceremony. Chief guest refers to the most important guest at a function whereas guest of honor refers to the person in whose honor a festivity or ceremony is held.

Who was the chief guest of Republic Day 1950 in India? ›

The 1950 parade was held in the Irwin Ampitheatre opposite the Purana Qila, now known as the Major Dhyan Chand National Stadium. President Dr Rajendra Prasad inspected the parade, and Indonesia President Sukarno was the chief guest.

What is the chief guest? ›

The Chief Guest is the most prominent person attending an event.

In which two consecutive years was there no chief guest at the Republic Day Celebrations of India? ›

In 2021 and 2022, there were no chief guests at the Republic Day celebrations due to the COVID-19 pandemic and the resulting travel restrictions.

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