Roasted Tomato and White Bean Stew Recipe (2024)



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I added a head of Swiss chard and about 5 fresh sage leaves (which I highly recommend because ), uh,white beans and sage...). Really wonderful.


This is really good and fast to make. Only thing I will say is the soup base is not red like the picture. I think maybe if I do this recipe again I’ll add some sun dried tomatoes or a little tomato paste.


When is a parmesan rind ever a bad idea? With good wishes to everyone to stay home and stay healthy.


AMAZING. I adapted the recipe after reading many of the comments. My husband & I rate our recipes & this one was 10/10! With the changes made, we have enough for 2 nights for two of us, w/perhaps a little leftover for a snack. I appreciated all the comments, as i do think the changes mattered:1) CHOP the onions2) Used 6 large garlic cloves3) Used 3 Cans of Beans4) Used 2 Cups of veggie broth5) Added 2 T of Tomato Paste & a generous handful of Spinach in Step 4GREAT. esp in cold weather


Very good. I added a little more stock and some chopped kale. The lemon zest and parsley really brighten the flavors.

kay slc

skipped parsley lemon since i didn't have anytomatoes were really done in 15 minutesused 1 cup chicken bothWAS FANTASTIC AND WILL SERVE AGAIN AND AGAIN

T Palermo

Used a red onion instead of yellow. Decided to add a couple of tablespoons of tomato paste to give some more color and boost the tomato flavor. Also added a few handfuls of kale and another can of beans to increase the serving size since a few people commented that the original recipe did not feed four. Happily fed five people with enough left over for some seconds!

Shirley P

Two 10 ounce containers of cherry tomatoes not only means a trip to the store, but will cost about as much as a nice little steak (and this time of year even cherry tomatoes are so-so). Any suggestions for substituting some sort of canned tomatoes? How much? what type?


I used whole canned tomatoes and I roasted them with the oil, thyme and some oregano. Works fine - when you add them to the beans, add in some liquid chicken or vege stock to loosen on the stove.

Karen L Davis

4-6 servings? Are you kidding? More like half that, unless you add a lot more broth and turn it into a soup or dish out very small servings. Having read the comments beforehand, I halved the larger cherry tomatoes, so all would cook at about the same speed; upped the garlic; cooked the onions and garlic a bit longer until softened; added fresh sage. Also added roughly 1/2 c more broth. Sprinkled parmesan and squeezed lemon on top. But what about that lemon zest? Should it be grated?


Add balsamic and 2TB of tomato paste to it at the end. I had to use sage as I did not have thyme. No red flake peppers, used siracha. Excellent and forgiving recipe. If you use extra olive oil to roast the tomatoes you can use it as dip/dizzle for the toast and it is really good.

Amy in Los Angeles

As written was good but a little too subtle for my taste. I added two chopped anchovies and a little red wine vinegar. Great day two.


We used one can of butter beans and one can of kidney beans because that's what we had (#quarantinelife), and no parsley or thyme. Still quite tasty! Good effort to taste ratio. Especially good with my boyfriend's sourdough (which now he makes all the time because, again, #quarantinelife)


I thought this recipe was just okay. It lacked an umami element. The instruction to “slice” the onion rather than chop it confuses me. I ended up with a stringy onion texture in the final dish that was unpleasant. It would be much better to start with chopped onions. Following one of the suggestions here, I added a generous helping of spinach at the end, which helped the dish. The lemon zest is a critical component; don’t skip it.


Suggestions for using soaked dried beans?


I LOVED the simplicity and big flavors of this dish. Due to food intolerances, I ditched the onion and used garlic infused EVOO to paint the tomatoes instead of using raw garlic. The stew is delicious and I don’t miss the onions, but I’m curious about something I could substitute in their place for a little depth of texture.


Really delicious, next time I’ll double the recipe. I used half Roma, half cherry tomatoes since I was short (cooked the Romas for 10 mins, then added the cherries for 15 more mins). Also added extra garlic, 2 T tomato paste, some chopped fresh sage and spinach. Glad I didn’t skip the parsley/lemon zest topping, as it really elevated the flavor


I pretty much followed the directions. Didn't have any lemon. Added a bit more red pepper because I knew I wanted a little kick. Used a veggie broth. It was delicious!!! Roasting the tomatoes made all the difference in the world. Next time I might add some greens to it. Definitely a keeper!!


Tastes best when seasoned at every step and paired with buttered toast. Lemon zest and parsley are necessary. Maybe add Parmesan rind next time?


I had to use dried herbs, except fir fresh parsley, and supplemented the 16 oz container of cherry tomatoes on hand with half a can of diced tomatoes (added to the bean mixture). I also followed the recipe suggestion to add greens, in this case 5 oz of frozen chopped spinach, after the stew had simmered for 15 minutes—went very well with the flavors. Very tasty dish for a cold night!

Tim in VT

I challenge anyone to find a recipe that is better than this one based on these four criteria - ease of prep, cost, taste, durability (can I store it?). If you have a contender, I'd love to see it!

Cynthia G

Tried this for the first time today with a few modifications. I added a pound of ground turkey. Instead of two, I used three cans of cannellini beans. Six sliced cloves of garlic instead of three, and dried thyme instead of fresh. Also used about 3 cups of chicken broth. It’s delicious! We liked it! Will definitely make this again.

Jessee J.

First time turned out just okay...for future, if using Aidell's sausage, use 2 (not 4). Brown in pan first, transfer to plate, and then cook onion and garlic (less garlic). Go easy on red pepper flakes.Might be better as written, without meat, and with rosemary/sage. Use cannellini beans (butter beans don't smash well).


I had very old vine toms (17 oz so added tomato flakes too) that should have been thrown out but roasted those with some garlic and dried thyme. Crushed the roasted garlic but also used a little dried garlic from Penzey’s (yum!) once adding to pot. Used tom paste like noted by a lot of people and browned it after onions softened. Instead of red pep flakes, I added 2 tbsp Calabrian chili paste. I also accidentally opened a can of chick peas instead of a can of white beans but went with it.


Interesting every less than 5-star review I've written has never been published. This was good. It needed the advice of others. The tomato paste was a big help. Sage instead of thyme improved the flavor too. Overall, not a shining star, but a pretty solid meal.


With the tomatoes and garlic, the flavor reminded me a lot of another NYT fave, "Crispy Gnocchi With Burst Tomatoes and Mozzarella". (

new favorite!

Added green beans & Bavarian sausages and it made it very hearty! Will absolutely make again.


Good. Added a tablespoon of tomato paste, more stock, and nutritional yeast and spike to give it more umami

James Ebersold

I didn't have lemons handy so ended up using some grapefruit zest with a splash of lemon juice. The parsley I used was labeled curly parsley. I otherwise stuck close to the recipe but did take the sliced onions and cut them in half so they were not rings and I also added a splash of cider vinegar as it cooked.People have mentioned they thought this recipe bland and I was concerned I might think that but both my wife and I found it to be quite tasty.


My daughter texted me to make this ASAP so I did! I made a list of recommended additions and used some of them. Had 1/2 can San Marzano tomatoes open so I used that with 2/3 contained of fresh cherry tomatoes and that worked perfectly and added some fresh mushrooms to the tomato mix. The whole thing was delish!

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Roasted Tomato and White Bean Stew Recipe (2024)
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