Sheet-Pan Pierogies With Brussels Sprouts and Kimchi Recipe (2024)



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It calls for fresh or frozen pierogies. Do u add them to the baking sheet frozen ? Or thaw them first?


Great flavor profile! Prepped the brussels (closer to 2 lb) and kimchi early in the day and let them sit together until time to go in the oven. (Btw - please edit Step 1 to say directly to cook them for 15 minutes!)Used frozen pierogies - they needed a few more minutes and next time I'll toss them with oil before adding to the pan to ensure more even coating.Kids and husband commented on how good it smelled cooking and it fed 5 easily.

Peter B

This was a great dish! My local store didn't have kimchi so I substituted sauerkraut with red curry paste and it was delicious!


We thoroughly enjoyed this! Didn’t thaw the pierogies and followed recipe exactly except added one thickly sliced onion. The whole meal works surprisingly well. The sprouts were caramelized and played well off the kimchi and sauce. So easy and yummy!


After cooking from NYT 3-6x a week for years, I'm leaving my 1st ever bad review. Followed this exactly; looked just like the photo, but tasted awful. Mixing kimchi into something not Asian is only fusion insofar as the flavors actually fuse. This dish is bland & boring unless one gets kimchi on the fork, in which case it tastes like... kimchi. The decisively Korean condiment fights w/the decisively east-euro pierogi; the sprouts just sit there, allegiant to neither. What an unfortunate recipe.


I feel like this recipe proves that not every dish is best suited for adaptation to the sheet pan craze - the whole turns out to be so much less than the individual parts could be if they were cooked separately. The moisture from the sauerkraut kept the Brussels sprouts from crisping before they overcooked. Roasted pierogi is not nearly as delicious as pierogi that's been boiled and then pan-fried. Some foods are worth washing a few dishes.

NYT Cooking

Hi, Friends! Margaux Laskey, a Senior Staff Editor at NYT Cooking here. I spoke with Hetty, and she said she tested with *both* thawed and not thawed frozen pierogies, and they both worked. Frozen might need a smidge more time. Happy Cooking!


Sounds tasty. Since this is already a fusion dish, might I substitute frozen gyoza for the pierogies? More variety in the fillings. Thanks!


Because of the range of comments, I am moved to add my experience. This was easy and delicious. Follow the cooking directions exactly. I like pirogies, but find them NOT worth the effort of boiling and sautéing for an ultimately one dimensional plate. This recipe solves all my potato dumpling problems. I had red sauerkraut on hand, and added a couple sausages to the pan. Will make again, and never skimp on the dill!


Used Wegman's brand frozen pierogies without thawing. The pierogies did indeed cook just fine, although I was heavy-handed with the oil to mitigate the dryness some mentioned. Only had one box, so we added Beyond Meat sausage (because the other sheet pan recipe with the sausage, brussels, and potatoes is a family favorite). This made the meal feel more hearty. Didn't use dill because we didn't have it and I don't love it. I didn't think it was missing.


So good! Zero effort with a delicious outcome. Followed the recipe exactly with frozen pierogies and everything was great - not dry, not undercooked. Didn't use the sour cream as partner is lactose free, but any dip will work well (we happened to have smoked tomato aioli in the fridge which worked great).


All of the ingredients are great individually but they just don't come together. It was not terrible but it was disappointing.

Alex D

Ultra quick and easy prep. End product was fine but not a standout. Flavors were a little muddied. Sauce was good.


Delicious recipe! Cooking time on the Brussel sprouts was a little long. Next time I'll put the Brussels and kimchi in at the same time as the frozen perogies

john a

made this recipe - overall i think it has good parts, but i agree with others that it should probably be two pans. i found myself following the instructions on the pierogi box, and slipped them halfway through and also (after taking out the sprouts) broiled the pierogi to get them crisper. you definitely need the kimchi or another punch (i made a simple sauce w horseradish, lemon, dill, and salt/pepper) that did the trick.


Awful! We struggled to get through half of what a half recipe produced. It wasbland and the (frozen) pierogi were hardened around their edges after 20-25minutes of oven time. Their package did not mention the possibility of ovenbaking. This was a loser from start to finish.


Flavors were different but totally worked. It packed a punch but came together pretty easily. People who said it didn’t work probably don’t like kimchi. I’ll definitely make again.


This was so easy to put together, and a real crowd pleaser. I used frozen pierogies, they needed a few more minutes, but all in all delicious!


I was a little apprehensive to make this when I read some of the reviews, but forged ahead. Used frozen pierogies; did not thaw but DID use a separate baking sheet for them and tossed them generously with oil. My very picky husband LOVED it (and he’s not a kimchi lover). I would up the sprouts next time to 1.5-2 lbs and up the kimchi as well. The dill sauce (I also added some lemon zest) really makes this dish shine, so don’t skip it. One of those dishes that sounds weird but was really good.


Par-boiled the sprouts in stock for 2-3 minutes prior to baking, and added a shallot to the first baking, and it was amazing and crispy and tasty! Used half the pierogis, which felt like the right balance with the sprouts. Pleasing and surprising flavor profile - we ate almost all of it in one sitting!


We used only 1/2 cup of kimchi to make the spice level more kid friendly. Maybe as a result, the pierogies stuck to the pan but the dish was delicious. We used low-fat Greek yogurt for the sauce, which was out of this world and, for the kid, necessary to cut the spice of the kimchi.


Much prefer Ali Slagel's brussels sprouts and gnocchi recipe in its buttery skillet goodness. I love kimchi in almost everything, but it just didn't work here. Maybe a mustard sauce would have been better with the Brussels and pierogis like in Alexa Weibel's Roast Chicken and Mustard-Glazed Cabbage recipe - just throw the pierogis on the pan as well and call it a meal

Bri S

I followed the general structure with a few modifications: (1) seasoned and oiled the Brussels sprouts prior to roasting, and (2) cooked the pierogi separately (frying pan with butter). I mixed everything together when serving and it was delicious!


Very nice, easy meal. I used green onions instead of dill, since the grocery store was out and it was lovely! I also used frozen pierogis and threw them on the sheet pan with the kimchi and Brussels sprouts and cooked for 35mins.


We happened to make this cozy dish on a surprise snowy spring evening, and it was super easy to put together. I personally really enjoyed this preparation of the Brussels sprouts, and it was a great way to use up the kimchi lurking in the back of our fridge. We subbed Greek yogurt for sour cream, but otherwise made no changes. Cooked pierogi from frozen and they weren’t exactly crispy, but I’m not picky when it comes to potato and cheese in any form. Delicious with tons of fresh dill!


A lot of folks are saying this didn’t come together for them but I couldn’t disagree more, I thought it was excellent. I used 1 package (not 2) of fresh pierogis from a polish grocery I’m lucky enough to have nearby and they came out moist and delicious with just a bit of golden color on top. Also subbed Greek yogurt instead of sour cream for the sauce and it worked great. Both my partner and I thought the flavors came together perfectly, recommended giving this one a try!


Do the brussels sprouts and kimchi go in while the oven is pre- heating? The instructions are a little weird


Just a general comment, but the recipe says to take the pan out after 15 minutes but never says when to put it in


I’ve made this twice now - once followed the recipe exactly. We liked it but agreed with some other reviewers that this “fusion” recipe just didn’t quite gel. However, I decided to try it but without kimchi, I just used sauerkraut instead. I did the Brussels with the sauerkraut on one pan and the pierogi on a separate one. Bc the sauerkraut was a little more “wet” than kimchi, I actually kept roasting those for an additional 10 minutes. I liked it much better this way than the original!


used sauerkraut and added some garlic and extra pepper. not the best way to prepare perogies, sure. but an easy no-brainer, perfectly edible and enjoyable dinner, also yes.

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Sheet-Pan Pierogies With Brussels Sprouts and Kimchi Recipe (2024)
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