Spicy Book Review: Her Triplet Alphas by Joanna J  - Dreame (2024)

Another werewolf romance novel that could hold your attention is here! Joanna J made sure to capture Dreame readers’ attention when she released Her Triplet Alphas on the app. They cannot just put it down!

And did I say Her Triplet Alphas? That’s right! Not one, not two but three hot gorgeous Alphas will share their Luna in Her Triplet Alphas book! Sounds interesting? I’m sure it is!

Read Her Triplet Alphas Now

Now, if you want a fun read that can burn you with fire, let Joanna J’s Her Triplet Alphas werewolf romance story get your insides quivering and your heart racing!

  • Part 1: Story of Her Triplet Alphas
  • Part 2: Characters in Her Triplet Alphas
  • Part 3: Author of Her Triplet Alphas
  • Part 4: Final Thoughts On Her Triplet Alphas

Part 1: Story of Her Triplet Alphas

Hot, mouth-watering characters with a very nice plot. Yes, that’s the rest about the Her Triplet Alphas book kidding!

Joanna J began the story by introducing Chasity, a werewolf with a Cinderella-like life character in Her Triplet Alphas book. At the age of nine, Chasity’s drug-addicted parents left her to the Alpha and Luna of the Winter Moon Pack with piling debts. To pay off the money, Chasity lived with the Thorn Family and did all the housekeeping work for them.

Readers will be inspired by the life of Chasity, but what makes readers of Her Triplet Alphas lose their heads over this steamy werewolf story? It’s none other than the triplets Alex, Felix, and Calix Thorn.

Three gorgeous werewolf-specimens of Her Triplet Alphas made it a habit to bully poor Chasity. Pulling on dark blonde curls and joking about her weight. They even give her a nickname Charity which everyone thought was actually her name, and Chasity had no chance of correcting everyone.

Loved by all except Chasity (before she found out they were her mates, of course), Her Triplet Alphas werewolf brothers are rich, handsome, six-foot tall, undoubtedly hot yet arrogant. For Chasity, they were nothing but 21-year-old grown-ups who acted like twelve.

November 11 is Chasity’s 18th birthday and the triplet’s 21st birthday. That means the day of ascension has come in Her Triplet Alphas, and the three brothers will officially be the Winter Moon Pack’s Alphas. Chasity wanted nothing more to do but move out of Thorn’s Residence’s empty room storage and leave all the second-hand books and clothes in her possession once she reached the legal age.

For the central character of Her Triplet Alphas book, Chasity, finding her mate was the least of her concerns. She had seven more months of high school left, and that also meant the time she had to spend with the Triplet Alphas and their childish bullying acts.

Until she learned that her mate is none of them the triplets! Chasity never had a love interest her entire life, and discovering she had three mates was a shock.

Chasity feared the triplets would reject her and make her watch them dancing with their girlfriends. But she was wrong!

The triplets instantly broke up with their girlfriends. They accepted Chasity to be their mates! Yet, as much as Chasity wishes to ignore their charms and the effect of the triplet Alphas’ touches on her body, her wolf has other plans. It wanted its mates more than anything. Chasity would be lying to herself if she said that she’s not enjoying the triplet’s company, their protectiveness of her, and how much they all wanted her with the same heated passion!

For 9 years, they did nothing but bully her. Chasity even vowed at ten to not cry and be strong. Now, she’s a mate to the triplet Alphas, all willing to get burned with their touches and kisses!

It’s a happy ending for everyone in Her Triplet Alphas!

Part 2: Characters in Her Triplet Alphas

In Her Triplet Alphas, we meet Chasity as a werewolf with a Cinderella-like story in Thorn’s Residence and the triplets alpha being mean to her. Only, they are not her step-sisters, but her mates! All three of them, how lucky of Chasity, don’t you think?

Now, let’s learn more about Her Triplet Alphas’ hot characters!

Her Triplet Alphas’ character, Chasity’s hour-glass figure, light brown skin, and dark blonde curls are to die for. Even the most popular girls at school, Mina Toros and Tina Gregory, who did her make-over the day before her 18th birthday, think she’s beautiful. It’s a shame that the triplets have different ways of showing their appreciation of her beauty, which is to bully her.

Chasity is a strong, brave, hard-working woman who endured the triple bullying of the triplet Alphas. And honestly, she’s a soft-hearted werewolf Cinderella, too, for she quickly forgave them when they showed remorse and guilt because they all found out they were all mated to her.

Now let’s meet her Triplet Alphas!

Can’t wait? Here they come!

Alex, Felix, and Calix Thorn from Her Triple Alpha book.

As the eldest among the triplets, Alex Thorn is the serious one. Felix, the middle triplet, is full of jokes and quips. Not a single time has not he taken Chasity by surprise when they find out about the bonds. It’s simply because he cannot wait to mark her and be their mate!

And lastly, as the youngest and Luna Ronnie’s favorite, Calix, is the charmer. Chasity is less scared of him than the two, and it is because he is such a charmer. There are countless times Chasity thinks Calix Thorn is treating her like a human.

But she’s always remembered when she was 11, and the triplets are 14. She broke Calix’s nose with a punch, and his brothers were there to punish her. They both slapped her and made Calix do it, too, before they dragged her outside the frozen river and pushed her face down an ice fishing hole. Chasity fell unconscious and got hypothermia.

Now before you get mad at the triplets! Let’s get to know more about them!

Considered the most handsome eligible bachelors of Winter Moon Pack in the Her Triplet Alphas, the baby blue-eyed identical triplets Alphas Alex, Felix, and Calix resemble their father, Alpha Romeo, with thick, shiny black hair that reached their broad shoulders. They had the most chiseled face in Her Triplet Alphas book, and women couldn’t help but swoon all over their pair of dimples and chin-clefts!

You could just imagine how they make Chasity’s underwear soak with the gentle touches of their fingers on her skin! Her innocent ass will surely benefit from their years of experience making women want them in bed!

Her Triplet Alphas book is very fast-paced with fun times right off the bat.

Wanna know how hot the triplet Alphas could get? You should start reading Her Triplet Alphas and join Chasity in being a Luna to three werewolf Alphas of a brother! Maybe kindly ask her to share the identical triplets with you?

Part 3: Author of Her Triplet Alphas

With over 23,231 thousand followers on Dreame and 7 published books, Joanna J is one of the most loved and most talented authors in the app. She’s a medical doctor (Bachelor of Medicine, Bachelor of Surgery) and loves writing about witches and werewolves. No wonder she’s able to pull off a masterpiece like Her Triplet Alphas and share it with her readers. If you’re new to reading Her Triple Alphas, do it now and join 208 followers of the story who have read it. Your reads will be added to the 2.8 million reads Her Triple Alphas has on the app! That’s a lot of engagement, don’t you think? The numbers don’t lie. It sure tells us how great Her Triplet Alpha book is!

Follow her and discover your new all-time favorites among her works! I bet Her Triple Alpha will be on your list.

Part 4: Final Thoughts On Her Triplet Alphas

Her Triplet Alphas was a really fun read!

I thought it started out slow and the triplet Alphas were getting on my nerves, but it got better and I’m sure you’ll end up liking it, too.

The chemistry between the triplets and Chasity was undeniable from the start. You will not want to leave either of the triplets behind. I want them all over Chasity as much as Chasity definitely wanted them all over her!

Honestly, I don’t know why you keep reading this review! You should grab your phone, browse your Dreame app, and read Her Triplet Alphas by Joanna J! One of those amazing hot werewolf books that it’s impossible to put down once you start reading it.

You will have a hard time letting go of the characters of Her Triplet Alphas and their story. Not everyone will relate to having three mates all at once, but Her Triplet Alphas book will be deeply connected to you in a way that only great books can pull off.

The characters are smart, funny, and engaging, especially Felix, who makes me smile with his impulsiveness yet easily apologizes for it.

If you’re looking for a new werewolf romance book that will make you fall in love, not once but thrice, Her Triplet Alphas is waiting for you!

Spicy Book Review: Her Triplet Alphas by Joanna J  - Dreame (2024)
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